Update 43 is now available for testing on the PTS! You can read the latest patch notes here: https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/categories/pts
Maintenance for the week of July 15:
• PC/Mac: No maintenance - July 15

PC NA/EU Patch Maintenance - 8/23/19 @ 4am EDT

Community Manager
Hello everyone,

Tomorrow, we are planning maintenance on PC NA and EU in order to publish the next incremental patch early. This will include fixes for the recent crashes many have been experiencing this week, in addition to implementing additional safeguards for the guild trader and multi-bidding issues that occurred last Sunday. There will also be a number of additional fixes for combat, dungeons, and multi-crafting that will be outlined in the patch notes; these will be published tomorrow morning during maintenance.

Regarding the excess gold some guilds on PC EU received last weekend after the multi-bidding issue, we'll have an update for everyone on this tomorrow.

At this time, we're planning maintenance to be finished by 8am EDT. We appreciate everyone's patience.
Gina Bruno
Senior Community Manager
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