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LF imaginary friend who is as anti sociable as I am .

Must dislike doing group activities especially dungeons cause you know ppl can be jerks and run ahead and only care about themselves cause they are Godly

Must hate guilds cause of all the braggers with their vet flawless, invincible titles and hm naked speed runs.

Must hate streamers cause you know....obvious reasons

Must hate cats cause every eso player has one or many, except me........also I am tired of cat memes

Must not be named chuck cause I could not sleep at night knowing my imaginary buddy was named chuck

Must be very independant cause well most days i wont want to do anything with you, you'll just annoy me

Must complain on the forums because well, that is the biggest reason you will be my imaginary friend.

I know you are out there frowning at the moon, wearing your foily hat.😆

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