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Wraithhome: Share your thoughts

I previewed Wraithhome today and I was expecting to hate it because the Crypt of Hearts style architecture is a little too "Death Metal" for my taste but I was blown away. The sky/ceiling, the chapel area, the stained glass, and the water make this house really outstanding!

Definitely not buying it because it will probably be Crowns only but overall it's really well done.

Have you seen it? Tell us your thoughts!
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  • bluebird
    I found it conceptually great, but I agree the skulls on every single door and the skulls in every single pillar were a bit too aggressive for my tastes. I wish they toned it down a little and added them as a highlight feature, as the repetition just makes it look too gimmicky (it's as if they'd put the Dark Brotherhood stained glass window on every single wall in Erstwhile Sanctuary - it's better that it's a unique centerpiece rather than a common motif).

    I'm not a fan of the layout either tbh, some walls are joined at odd angles, and some floor patterns meet awkwardly - I imagine that's a result of patching the home together from various VoM and CoH asset bits. I also wish there was a ceiling over most of the house, the bright open air sections don't fit the dark and gloomy cathedral vibe imo.

    The rooms however were great, it was nice to see another house with a decent number of rooms instead of just one cavernous hall. The upstairs balconies are also quite good and can be divided well into smaller rooms if needed. It had some issues on the PTS but they fixed them so the house should work fine now :smile: I'm sure many people will love to get it for their Necros/Vampires/Daedraworshippers :smiley:
  • chuck-18_ESO
    I'm really conflicted over it, because I do love the chapel area and especially the stained glass, and the azure plasm pools are really, really appealing. However, the house is just far too dark and "edgy" for my tastes. The huge skull doorways just scream Molag Bal, and I just can't think of any way of covering them up or toning them down.

    I play on console so can't preview on the PTS, and it's hard to make a final judgement from videos, but I
    l'll probably pass on Wraithhome unless it's one of the cheaper manors. That being said, we're long overdue for a vampire-themed house (we've had the Hunter's Glade for a year or so now), so I appreciate what it offers. I just wish it was a tad more versatile.
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  • sueblue
    @chuck-18_ESO - you can view it but not buy it on the live server. Head to the Rivenspire Wayshrine closest to CoH and it should show up on your map.
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  • Ye_Olde_Crowe
    I didn't even know it was on live, but when I read your post I went searching for it (and found it) :).

    Well... not sure about this home yet. I mean, the stained glass is beautiful and the azure plasm as well. I'd love a regular day/night cycle, but it seems as if this home was stuck in eternal twilight which I find sort of disappointing. I'd love to see the effect of real sunlight on those windows and the plasm lake.
    To furnish this dark, cathedral-y place in a fitting manner would take most of the furniture I have already placed in the Psijic Villa lobby (Mephala-pack table and chairs) and Earthtear Cavern (my collection of Daedric statues), and well, what would I place in those homes instead?

    I will probably get it anyway, but ... I'd rather have a nice, cozy farmhouse with mores slots for animals.
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  • dagrdagaz_5912
    The best part to me was the entrance outside, in proper lighting.
    I liked the style. But its to big and odd designed.
    Feels more like an end boss'es lair, not a home.

    A Medium or Large castle/fortress would be nicer.
    Edited by dagrdagaz_5912 on August 22, 2019 12:19PM
  • D3AKUs
    Nice intention like Moonsugar Meadow but nothing more. They had a good idea but the execution is lacking in both homes. Wraithome is to ambitious . Theres cool parts and some of it looks really nice but overall its way to big to furnish properly and it seems cobbled together in a lot of places. Hard pass on that home as i am sure it will be overprized again anyway.
  • TheImperfect
    A couple of my characters are squabbling over who gets it but I don't if I will be able to afford the crowns.
  • mateosalvaje
    It's SOOOO AMAZING!!! For years I've been saying, "I want a house that looks like the boss room from Vaults of Madness," and now I feel guilty because due to stupid health issues I won't be able to afford it when it comes out. Maybe in year or two if I save all my ESO+ crowns 😁
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  • sueblue
    The huge skull doorways just scream Molag Bal, and I just can't think of any way of covering them up or toning them down.

    It would be nice if each kind of house had corresponding structural materials. o:)

    mrsrobot wrote: »
    A couple of my characters are squabbling over who gets it but I don't if I will be able to afford the crowns.

    I giggled thinking about your characters having a round table about who gets the house! :)

    I won't be able to afford it when it comes out. Maybe in year or two if I save all my ESO+ crowns 😁

    I fear that that 99% of people interested in this house won't be able to afford it. :(
    Edited by sueblue on August 23, 2019 3:22PM
    Awake/Asleep, I dream.
  • Araneae6537
    I’ve not seen it but never have never will join the mad murderers known as the Dark Brotherhood so I wouldn’t be interested in a place themed after them. Now if the Morag Tong was made an option to join, some of my Dunmer might consider it (and likewise I love Vvardenfell architecture!).
  • MornaBaine
    Sigh. I've wanted a spooky vampire castle in Rivenspire ever since I started playing this game. But this ain't it. Too huge and wayyyy too over the top. There are some things to really like about it like the stained glass windows and the spooky lighting and the walls and floors. But, as usual, they really overdid it and with the item limits you'd never be able to do it justice. This is just depressing.
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  • Alphawolf01A
    I noticed a small issue. At the far southern end of the cathedral, in what I assume is to be a place for a throne, there is an invisible obstacle on the floor in the throne alcove. I wonder if there was intended to be a portal to take you to the small platform above the alcove?
  • AngelaWasp
    I love it, for the atmosphere, the water, the architecture..... but for me it's just way too big, same reason why I never go to my Psijic house, which is left empty :( I'm not buying a house that I can't manage to furnish adequately. I agree with the poster who said there are way too many skulls as well.
  • StabbityDoom
    nah, there's too little you can do with it unless you wanna go dark/evil
    EHT zealot
  • Grimm13
    Like the unique features and that you can get to the main portion pretty quick. Definitely have ideas for the place. Guess it's going to be in the October offering?

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