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GPU Load at 100% all time

Hi there!

I have a 27 inch 2019 Imac with following specs:

i5 9600k 3.7 ghz
8 gb ram
2 tb fusion drive
Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB

i have the problem, that if I play at minimum video settings im up to 70% gnu load, and if I advance to medium or high, I am at 100%. Besides that I can't change the resolution higher than 2048 to 1152

Can anyone tell me, if that is a known thing, and if help to fix that

  • Carmina
    Hey, hello here.

    100% GPU load is normal. Even if I am using an external GPU (Radeon 64), the performance of the system is limited by the GPU, especially at very high resolutions.

    The 580 is not a particularly impressive GPU, so yeah, I would expect it to be at 100%.

    The other question is why you can not switch to a higher resolution. What happens? Do you not get the selection? Or is the game just unplayable?

  • Marvilius
    I dont know. It just wont let me. Highest setting is 2048x1152
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