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PC|EU The Welkynd House - A home for players with conditions and disabilities

Soul Shriven
Hello! We're a newly created support guild for players with disabilities that don't feel comfortable with joining group content and need a safe environment to exchange tips and ask for help. Our goal is to create a safe community where running trials, veteran and normal dungeons, arenas, questing, and challenging content in general is not only achievable for everybody but also more inclusive.

It is required that our members have some form of disability or chronic condition be that mental, physical or both. It's allowed to invite your caregiver or an in-game supportive friend of your choice. All levels are welcome!
  • We consider disabilities: Anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorders, chronic illnesses, depression, physical impairments, cognitive disabilities, etc.

The rules are simple:
  • Be kind and respectful at all times. Keep it "safe for work". No rushing others to be faster at playing.
  • Everyone can organize groups for dungeons, trials, farming, and other events. Just let us know within a reasonable amount of time.
  • We encourage members to help each other whenever you can.

We hope that you can find your safe space among us.

Leave a comment or PM us with your account name to be invited to the guild and Discord server, and let us know how the guild can help you have a better in-game experience (example: I have social anxiety but I need to farm a dungeon!). We totally understand. ♡

You are also free to apply through our website or by contacting us in-game.

Our website link: https://thewelkyndhouse.shivtr.com/

Our in-game IDs: @RainyScapes - @caffeineless
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