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Kiteable world bosses

Im fairly new to the game and I play a fast bow character, not really the greatest at killing stuff but I can kill any bosses that are primarily melee range by kiting. So if yall could tell me which ones are easy to kite that'd be super.
  • El_Borracho
    I think Nestmother's Den in Auridon is a good one. Its a giant snake that you can run circles around and has easily dodgeable attacks. Its tough to solo WBs as a stamina player, especially compared to something like a petsorc. Good luck.
  • Roxie5D
    I solo'd two of them in the Shadowfen zone. (forgot their names, one of them is aelid dinosaur thingy and the other was a lady. They had blockable and dodgeable attacks, once you can keep your heals up too. I am CP 350 though! You'd probably have to lvl up alot more though if you're that new.
  • Wandering_Immigrant
    Awesome. So, my crafter is built for speed and carries a bow like you. As she was leveling, whenever I would be out collecting skyshards, I would always stop to take on any world boss I came across just for fun. She died a lot, but also came out on top of some pretty memorable bouts. So here's a list, ranging from the very easy to the 'omg I don't even know how I did that'. I don't know your level or class, but she's a Warden and she did all this at pretty low levels.


    The Abomination. I'll start here because it was actually her first solo, it also happens to probably be the easiest on the list. He's a zombie type and moves real slow, I don't think he even hit her once, though he's hit my sorcerer many times since then and it's never pleasant, he does actually hit pretty hard when he manages to get you, so don't let him.

    Mabrigash. Another easy one, doesn't move too fast, doesn't even hit particularly hard, though it hits fast and will get multiple shots on you if you're in it's range.

    Druitularg. This guy is a little bit harder, he's a human type, Nightblade. You'll have to keep your stamina up because he's gonna stun you, a lot. You'll also want a reliable heal because he has a very strong poison he applies. When he disappears get ready to roll-dodge cause he's gonna pop out in your face, but what you really have to look out for is his poisonous leash, this is where both the stun and the poison come from, and he spams the hell out of it and to be honest I'm not even sure if it's dodgeable. I'm pretty sure this fight is where I learned how break free works, and got pretty quick on the trigger with it all in one go. The good news is, everytime he goes invisible you get a breather for like 2 seconds. The bad news is you won't be able to use that down time to replenish stamina with heavy attacks, because your target dissapeared.


    Brahma's Grove. Kind of difficult, but not too bad. The boss itself is pretty straight forward, just a really big Netch, the difficulty comes from two adds and not a lot of kiting room, but kill the adds and the boss is pretty easy to run back and forth. The adds will respawn, just focus on them until they're dead and go back to the boss.

    The Rift:

    Angarvunde Mound. This one's easy. Ice Atronauch. Even less kiting room than the netch, but his attacks are easy to see coming and he stops moving whenever he fires them off giving you a breather.


    Dragon's Hallow. This one I've done a lot, and if you're into speed you should too as Eastmarch is where Fiord's gear set comes from, which gives 15% speed increase and 15% cost decrease to sprint, these fights got a lot easier after discovering this one. It's actually two bosses, a giant and a mammoth, but it's pretty easy as there's a lot of kiting room. All you have to look out for is the giant's special attack, which is the same special attack all giants have, he slams his club down creating 3 tremors that extend across the ground. Of course his extends much farther and hits much harder, it'll one shot you if you're under 20k health, I've seen many much higher level players come along as I was soloing this just to end up being immediately one shotted. Just keep eyes on him and keep a distance and it's easy to avoid. Oh and it's undodgable btw so don't depend on rolling, just watch where it's heading and don't be in it's path. If he does manage to get you with it, heal to full right away because he will occasionally spam it again immediately after. Then some fights he barely uses it at all it's pretty unpredictable. This fight is where being a Warden came in handy for her, I occupy the giant with my bear while I focus on the mammoth, but you should be fine without, they move slow. Just run them around the campfire and down to the platform, but don't go on the platform or they'll reset.


    Shacklebreaker. This was actually my first ever WB solo, did it on my sorcerer who was level 18 at the time. I camped forever trying to get that kill, at first he would always kill me, but I was determined. Once I got Boundless Storm it got easier, but then whenever I'd get him close someone else would come along since he's so close to a major city. But I eventually got the solo, and later when I was in Glenumbra again with my crafter the first thing I did was head over to Shacklebreaker for old time's sake. He runs fast and hits hard, and like a lot of these your best kite path has a bit of debris on the ground, so be ready to jump if you go behind the tree along the cliff wall. He does stop to do his special once in a while, which is an easily avoidable 360 area attack with a small radius. But don't count on any breathers because he'll only do it if you're in melee range for long enough, and you don't want to be in melee range against him. I like to run him clockwise, that way you can utilize the hill leading toward Daggerfall, running up it then dropping off the side, giving yourself a wider berth.

    Asard the Putrid. Another Zombie type, but runs a lot faster than the Abomination. Pretty straight forward fight, not hard.

    Trapjaw. This one is kind of frustrating, I don't know if I'd use the word hard though. His special attack will one shot you under I think 26k health, which she doesn't have even with food, so I had to do it without any mistakes. The move isn't hard to avoid though, mechanically it's not much different than the giant's move from Eastmarch, except it comes out at 360 degrees around him, and instead of tremors along the ground it's like spheres of light, or lightning or something. There's a lot of kiting room though, if you go around the big rock he spawns near, but of course there's debris on the ground near the rock on the side facing the water. So be ready to jump again, and hope he isn't doing his special that one time you get stuck on it.


    Brood Queen. This one looks intimidating when you approach because she has two medium sized groups of adds with her, but it's actually quite easy. Target the group further from her, drop endless hail on them and just start taking them out, they die pretty fast. Now, it's possible to do this without her noticing and then wait for her to walk across the pond and do the same with the other group, but it honestly doesn't make much difference. If she does notice and starts slowly walking over with the other group in tow, just kite the whole mess picking off the adds one by one. They don't respawn so once you kill them it's just you and the boss and there's a whole lot of kiting room. If she does manage to get close and attack you, don't try to block, just roll and run, she does a multi attack that'll just eat your stamina if you block.

    Cousin Scrag. This one was pretty hard, might even fall under the 'omg I don't even know how I did that' catagory. It's an Ogre with two polar bears, the bears die fast but I recall them seeming to respawn fast too. The Ogre himself, runs fast, and hits hard, and has a special that, to be honest I don't remember exactly what it does, but I remember trying desperately to avoid it, I do know it covers a very large area, and I want to say it does a lot of damage and also snares, like his own version of Blockade of Ice. Now, she was in her hybrid phase at the time, back barring an ice staff, so she had a Blockade of her own, and he was actually very susceptible to being frozen by it, which saved my ass many times, tbh I don't think I'd have won without it. Oh also the terrain here is absolute crap if you want any room to run at all. It was actually a really fun fight.


    Nomeg Hyri. A frost Atronauch under a waterfall. Easy fight with nice scenery.


    Heart of Rootwater: Lurcher type, not very hard. There's adds, but they're plant type and stationary and easy to deal with. Not much running room but he's easy to just lure down the corridor, roll behind him, then lure him the other way back down the corridor.

    Gathongor the Mauler. Epic fight. Definitely of the I don't know how I even did that variety. It's not the boss, I honestly don't remember anything particularly threatening that he did because I spent the entire fight running for my life from all the adds. I'm talking like 10-15, maybe 20 lil crocodiles that just spawn indefinitely. They die quick but they spawn faster than I could kill them, at one point during the fight I decided to just ignore them and run them around along with the boss because they were taking up all my time, but eventually there were so many around I couldn't even get a clear shot on the boss, so I had to deal with them. Now if you have Bombard or Poison Spray this fight will probably go much smoother for you, but mind you, at this time she only had Snipe and Volley in her arsenal, Volley isn't very efficient in a kite and snipe is a very slow way to attack a group. So what I did was, I layed down a volley then ran the group through it, then rolled back through the circle to run them through again and just tried to keep as many in the circle as I could for as long as I could while spamming light attacks into group. Doing this weeded down the adds enough for me to get some shots in on the boss until they'd respawn to overwhelming numbers again and I'd go back to Volley.

    I've probably left some out, and she still has zones she hasn't collected skyshards in and so hasn't explored yet, but this is to the best of my memory.
  • UntilValhalla13
    You can bash the wamasu boss in glenumbra to prevent the aoe attack entirely. Any time you see red sparks on an enemy, it means to bash it. A lot of world bosses can be soloed with knowledge of how to fully play your character and the boss's mechanics. Kiting would honestly take all day. Keep your dots on them at all times, dodge their heavy attacks, and stay out of aoes.
  • Thundertalon
    The giant WB in Alik'r is quite easy, don't even have to run very far. Just need to avoid the little ground attacks that radiate from him, pretty easy
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