How to survive as Stam Sorc?

I'm not really sure what to do on my stam sorc in BG's. My only healing option is vigor which is quite underwhelming. I've tried squeezing in Ring of Preservation on my bar, which is an ok heal but it's pretty much useless for me as a stam sorc since I try to be pretty mobile. Running crit surge as my weapon buff because rally is a joke now. Hope for a some crits here and there for the heal. I just don't really have an answer. I keep looking at my skills and there's no other options for heals. Why is there practically no stam morphs in my skill trees. I think there's 2 lol unless you wanna count armaments. Don't wanna use troll king but even then it's hard to proc because I don't have the rally hot to passively kinda cover it. Any advice from a seasoned BG Stam Sorc?
  • Vermethys
    This patch I switched from Weapon Crit potions to the new Lingering Health ones (restore health, restore stamina, lingering health). I also switched to the Steed Mundus with Artaeum Takeaway Broth, so I'm now sitting on about 1.4k health recovery. I've also always used Crit Surge and double health drain poisons.
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  • MurderMostFoul
    Streak keeps me alive, even in 7 medium.
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  • ChunkyCat
    Have you tried not running out of health points?
  • Stibbons
    I survive just fine.
  • Jimmy_The_Fixer
    I survive pretty well in BGs with Vigor/CritSurge/LingeringPot for healing and Bloodspawn as my only defensive set. I run high regen and get a lot of mileage out of dodgerolling frequently with HoTs ticking and abusing line-of-sight.
  • bigelle.x3_ESO
    Rally and Crit Surge and Streak
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  • Koolio
    I’ve always ran low sustain so I’m very used to it.

    I run Heavy 7th Briarheart Backbar 2h trollking/Engine/Bogdan Brp Daggers Protection jewelry

    32 points blessed
    Health Stam HoT potions

    Crit surge Dark Deal Vigor Bloodcraze Brawler Blade Cloak Psyjic Ult on DW bar


    56% Crit for heals

    Double drain health poison

    Most the time I’m at 25k resistances Major and Minor Protection Major Evasion

    It’s actually the Tankiest Damage build I have. 30k Stam 4800-5500 WD

    This is Console CP but maybe it’ll help
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