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Ancient Dragons Guild. Recruiting Players for Triple Achievements

Soul Shriven
LFM stamina necromancers with all needed sets for core group for vSS progressing, need to be exp. with the class and in vSS HMs, the raids will be 3 days, each around 2 hours.

Also LFM for 2nd core group, need exp. mag DD's for vAS IR, need to be with enough exp. for IR, like already have on some character, or close to the achievement clears, the raids will be 2 days, each 2 to 3 hours.

After the achievement is done on each of the core groups, its possible to continue with another characters for the same achievements or another trial for triple achievement.

!Important, need people which communicate well when is need, and can do all of the mechanics if need!

ID @shaarkyy - in game and in the Discord, also.
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