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SIMPLE Single Bar Rotation

Soul Shriven
Yes, I know this has been discussed thousands of times, but I have never really found an answer to my liking. I enjoy playing ESO a lot, but I am more of a weekend gamer and not too intense about it. I am just looking for a class that I can use a single bar that does moderate damage. I am not looking to be top DPS by any means, but at least be able to pull my weight in dungeons, and still have fun, and also not die all the time. So ultimately I would prefer a more sustainable class, that does moderate damage. I would love for this to work with the new necro class, but I am open to whatever suggestions you guy's have. I was thinking about counteracting the sustainability with provisioning. And I know there a lot of cool abilities that guilds provide as well which might help a single bar rotation. If I HAVE to use the second bar, I would prefer it to be possibly a single ability buff of sorts. Thanks.
  • Chelo
    It will not work and you will not pull your own weight in dungeons, not even in the easier ones... Simply because you will be doing half the dmg than any other player that's actually using both bars. So playing with you on a team will make everything last twice the time than it should be.

    An example, with someone who is playing as intended (using both bars), an easy boss fight will last less than 5 minutes, but playing with you, the same boss fight will last 10 min... So you are making everything harder for your teammates.

    If you want to play limiting yourself, you have the right to do it, but play alone, not put other people through that mess...
  • Sheuib
    I would think a single bar rotation would be easy to develop on your own. I mean just put your best damage abilities on one bar and go. You could either run your buffs off the back bar or if you don't even want to do that run your buffs with a potion.
  • Luigi_Vampa
    Why are you against weapon swapping? It's just another button press.
    PC/EU DC
  • Chrlynsch
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  • Katahdin
    Do you have a problem with your hands that prevents you from switching bars?

    In any case, I kind of have to agree with Chelo

    You will be severely gimping yourself with just one bar. You might be ok in normal Fungal Grotto I, Spindleclutch I, and very easy normals like those. Many of them can be soloed by well equipped and high level players so it wouldn't be a huge burden on the group.

    Regrettably, and Im sorry for the brutal honesty, but I also wouldn't want you in my group for any of the dlc dungeons on normal nor in any dungeon on vet.

    It would make most of those very hard to do and the rest pretty much impossible.

    Good luck

    Beta tester November 2013
  • malistorr
    I've done exactly this my whole time playing and I'm level 783 or so now. I am a high elf vampire mag sorc and I use a full set of Undaunted Infiltrator and Infallible Mage gear because they both buff heavy attack damage. I'm going to be getting the Maelstrom lighting staff as well. But to use it single-bar, I have to give up using a monster set. Or you can sacrifice some heavy attack damage and just use a UI or IM staff and use a monster set that will do damage and keep you alive like Iceheart (or Grothdar for all DPS if you're ok surviving).

    I use Wall of Elements for AOE and it will buff my heavy attacks with the Maelstrom staff. I used to use Lightning Flood for AOE also, but it just got nerfed 30-something % damage by update 23. And since Power Surge got nerfed as well and we're being forced to use Critical Surge for self-heals instead, I no longer use Lightning Flood. I heavy attack most of the time so I never have to worry about sustain. The other skills I use on the single bar are Boundless Storm for the AOE, resists, and speed. I slot Inner Light for the extra max magic and spell crit. % chance.

    #1 Wall of Elements (AOE and buffs heavy attacks)
    #2 Structured Entropy (Mage Guild skill for self heal DOT, single-target damage DOT, and 20% extra spell damage)
    #3 Critical Surge (Self-heals now to replace Power Surge)
    #4 Inner Light as a DPS buff (Passive max mag. and spell crit buff)
    #5 Boundless Storm (AOE, resists, and speed)

    Ultimate I use is Elemental rage since it does about 90,000 damage over a decent area.

    Rotation is basically while I'm running up to a mob cast #5 and #3. Then #2 and #1 at an enemy as I approach. Then heavy attack anything inside of the Wall of Elements. #4 is passive and just works.

    If you don't want to mostly heavy attack like I do, you can change out all the gear sets for ones that boost the skills you're looking to use more. My whole build is designed to be single-bar with max damage heavy-attacks. My AOE is really good and I just melt mobs. And the ticks of my heavy attacks do between 10-15K damage on average I think. If you want to use other skills, you can change your gear to sets like Crafty Alfiq and Mother's Sorror that will give big boosts to all your skills. And if you don't use the Maelstrom staff you can choose your favorite monster set. I recommend Grothdar for AOE DPS or Iceheart for some AOE DPS and protection that you don't have to manually cast.

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  • VaranisArano
    Werewolf is literally only one bar, if you like playing as a werewolf.

    Otherwise, it depends on what level of content you want to do. For normal dungeons you can probably manage okay - you won't do great damage, but frankly most of my random teammates don't do great DPS either. If you can get 15k DPS with one bar, you'll be doing fine by Normal Dungeon PUG standards.

    If you really want ro run vet content, you might seriously look at running as a tank or a healer. Even there, having a 2nd bar is ideal (especially for healers who often DPS as well) but you can get away with filling your primary function with a single bar. Your groups will appreciate you brining more utility than that, but its doable. If you definitely want DPS, just focus on getting your DPS up to vet levels.
  • Draconicer
    Soul Shriven
    I had the same problem within dungeons and such. My guildmates explained that it would be okay if I wanted to use one bar, but place healing abilities on it so I could heal myself. Viger in the Assault category helps with this. Also, creating the MAX potion helps. You can create a potion that will give stam/health/mag over 8,000 points, unfortunately, it does have a cooldown of 45 seconds. My necro does over 39k dps in test dummies and holds his own in dungeons, but I do have to swap bars for two abilities and then right back to my front bar.
  • p00tx
    So, the way most PvE players set up their bars is to put the bulk of their single target damage skills on the front bar, which is where you should be spending most of your time. The back bar is for buffs and dots (AoE usually, although with this patch, who knows.). If you stick with that concept, you can still utilize your front bar for most of your damage, while only flipping to your back bar to reapply dots and buffs as needed. If you're on console, an elite controller makes bar swaps insanely easy, and simplifies your game play. In fact, I use my elite on PC too, since I can't seem to get the hang of the whole keyboard and mouse thing.
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  • Wandering_Immigrant
    As a fellow weekend gamer being casual is no excuse not to bar swap, that's only something people might do if they have a disability or ridiculously terrible lag.

    Most people I think primarily use their back bar for buffs and dots, particularly ground aoe dots since they will proc your weapon's enchantment even while on your main bar. So, you want to play Necro, start with putting your bone armour and a heal on you back bar. Also, if Magicka put wall of elements on your backbar, if stamina put either endless hail or stampede on your backbar. Things that continue running while you do other things. Once you get used to that you can consider adding more.

    If you're really set on the single bar thing then as others have said, go werewolf.
  • malistorr
    BTW I don't have problems with dungeons, trials, or anything really with my single-bar setup. Not sure on my dps numbers but they're much higher than average.
  • msalvia
    Someone mentioned it above, but Undaunted Infiltrator and IA are great sets for heavy attack builds, which can work as 1 bar. Also, as mentioned, you're not gonna be as effective on one bar, but you can at least do enough dps to clear the easier dungeons with this setup. Heck, plenty of 2 bar dps do >10k, so you'll at least outclass them. Dad builds are fine outside of vet DLC and vet Trial.

    There's also a 1 bar sorcerer build for vMA that would probably be ok (you can easily google that), though not sure if it's still viable right now (post-patch).

    For a mag toon, dropping a couple aoes and a spammable should get you around 20k, assuming you're geared, weaving, etc. For a sorc, this can be achieved by (include light attacks between skills).

    Liquid Lightning-->Wall of elements-->volatile familiar ability-->elemental weapon/crushing shock/spammable-->crystal frag (when it procs)-->repeat
  • Protoavis73
    I think your best bet will be the easy 1 bar petsorc.
    Before the patch I used it to solo all soloable normal dungeons and even some vet ones.
    Even a few easier trials, but it's not ideal for that.
    It's not high dps, so expect fights to last a bit longer.
  • mocap
    Khajiit Mag Templar with Julianos and MSorrow (craftable and guild store) spamming sweeps + LA + Solar Barrage. Grothdarr or Slimcraw as monster set. Shadow mundus, precise lightning staff.

    Inner light, *flex*, *flex*, Sweeps, Solar Barrage; Shooting star
    * could be new meta Degeneration skill, rune for magicka sustain or anything else

    Easy 20-25k AoE dps, ton of selfheals.
    Edited by mocap on August 14, 2019 8:25AM
  • Runefang
    If you think bar swapping is a pain then you're going to love weaving...
  • Ragnork
    My casual alt for "non intensive" GAME play - not vet dungeons - not trials - that I have taken through almost all level 1 dungeons (a couple have mechanics I have not worked out);

    Mag Templer (Breton)
    5x Juleanos (chest and legs in heavy, balance in light - heavy enchant with health, balance with magica)
    5x Mothers Sorrow (jewelry, boots and sash)
    Sloads - for extra magica or Seducer for mag regen - lightening staff - sharp

    One bar
    Blazing Spear - AoE
    Wall of Elements - AoE
    Puncturing Sweep - DoT and Self Heal
    Purifying Light - DoT and Self Heal
    Inner Light - Extra Magic and Spell Critical

    Ulti either Nova or Elemental Storm
    If you are running lots of mobs then change purifying light to Pulsar

    Some experimenting the last few days.
    Account 2 - (PC NA) No CP available - my level 46 character has circa 15-20k dps
    Account 2 - (PC EU) 300 CP - 20-25k dps
    Account 1 - (PC EU) 810+ CP - circa 60% weapon crit with Shadow as mundus - 35k dps
    Not using pulsar at all - not had to drop my ulti on anything either.
    Edited by Ragnork on August 17, 2019 11:09AM
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