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[Discord Bot] Trials Bot

A little while ago I made a bot for my guild that posts trial related information. I've kept it private-ish for the most part but decided to release it because I figure it may prove useful to some of you.
It currently has operational modules for CP distributions, strategy images, and timezone conversions.

CP Module
You supply the trial, along with what role you are and it returns an optimized CP distribution (Taken from NefasQS).

Strategy Module
You supply the trial, along with some filters for which strategy image you want to view and it returns it. If you want to view a list of strategies for a trial you can just run "%strategy <Trial>" and it will list them all. Currently, these are strategies I've added but in the future I will allow you to add your own to it (Only for your own server, not global). If you have a strategy image you believe should be available globally contact me and I can add it if it is reasonable.

You don't need to provide the entire strategy descriptor to display it, just enough to uniquely identify it from the others (Example: "%strategy vhof exe" is enough, you don't need to type "%strategy vhof Halls of Fabrication final boss (Assembly General) execute positioning")

TimeZone Module
Pretty simple, it converts time to various timezones. First, you will need to set your personal timezone using "%timezone set <Timezone>"), the displayed zones are based on my guilds but I will most likely try and change it to show more since that range will most likely expand.

If you want to know more just use "%help" and "%help <Module>"

I have plans to expand the bot to include modules for providing roster templates, and also fully managing rosters and raid signups using the bot itself, but this is a WIP (Modules are available but they are locked until complete).

Any requests/advice is welcome. You can contact me on Discord if you have any questions - Oblivion#0537

Invite link:
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  • Nefas
    Class Representative
    I tried the CP out, it was utter trash. B)
  • Gariele
    I’ll put it on mine and see how it goes
    Winter Rose Autumn Rose Summer Rose Pacific Rose Midnight Rose
    RoseESO Discord
    RoseESO Website
  • PoseidonEvil
    I just added this to my channel. I will send you feedback as it gets used. Thanks and appreciate all the work you put into this! I feel like it would be a good organizing tool for these larger trial guilds
    In-game ID: alchelvly
    Phixeon Maghi -- Breton Healer
    Harrow the Souleater -- Breton Necro Healer
    Krogyle dro-Smoketh -- Orc Stamdk
  • brandyvicious
    I have a question regarding the Roster creation portion of your bot. It says that only the bot owner can create a roster. Is that correct?
    PS5/NA: brandyvicious-
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