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Make Skill Lines/ Skyshards/ Homes/DLCs ect. Gifts

I want to get them out of the Crown Store. I'm your standard working class American that cant just throw away real money on non essential video game extras. This is due to an epidemic sweeping the country known as marriage, often leading to further complications, namely a condition known as being a parent. I do however have plenty of ESO gold. Some other players have plenty of Crowns, but not plenty of ESO gold. Anything clicking so far?.. Please stop dancing around this concept of gifting, and just make it so they are paid COD, and anything that can be purchased in the store can also be gifted. People in this game are separated based on what chapters, and DLC/memberships they can afford, there is nothing wrong with giving the players who bought your base game only a way to buy DLCs, and Crown store items with in game currency as long as ZOS is still getting paid somehow. Furthermore, why not allow ESO Plus membership tokens to be sold as well? It is all profit for ZOS, and it is all money that can be used to increase performance of the game, and in production of new content.
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