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While pressing shift you sprint, but now when it runs out it starts rebuilding stamina and stops sprinting. You have to let go of shift and press shift again to get back into sprinting. Is this intended after patch?
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  • CowNRB
    also would like to know
  • c.winchell1975_ESO

    I also would like to know why this was done. It @#&;!ing sucks! It used to be that investment in stamina determined how long you could sprint before you could get knocked off your mount....for over 5 years! NOW it takes FOREVER to get through Cyrodiil. The only possible reason that I can see why they snuck this in, is due to them not selling enough stamina training in their crown store. It is nowhere to be found in the patch notes.
  • RealLoveBVB
    Soul Shriven
    Noticed this too, but honestly: it is just logic now. When mount is out of stam, then it can't sprint anymore.

    On the cp tree there is this Warmount-passive, where your mount is not losing stamina anymore out of fight. Maybe it's time to go for this now.
  • Keewo
    It was a Bug now its fixed.. they want to sell Crownstore Ridinglessons.
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  • x48rph
    They stated in this thread it was being looked into. Maybe wait to see instead of jumping to conclusions. We can berate the devs after we find out if it was intentional
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