The New Character Normal Maelstrom Arena Challenge

I have a challenge for players looking for something fun and sometimes difficult to do. Roll a new character, skip any tutorial, and go directly to Maelstrom Arena on normal difficulty. As you progress, you may use any items you get from the rewards chests. With the exception of soul gems, pots and food, I did not use any outside gear-- crafted or otherwise. Just the clothes and training weapons I started with, as well as my soul trap ability. Your reward is double loot drops and possibly a style page during the Orsinium event, as well as a title "Maelstrom Arena Champion (which is pretty awesome on a level 10ish character)."

Note: I completed the arena with 195 champion points (on an EU server character), so semi-unfair to those who don't have CP, though I may try a run without allocating any points. When I emerged victorious, I was level 10 -13, depending on how many monsters I fought/avoided. You can share your experiences with your friends and guildies by taking a screenshot and posting here! Happy shuffling!

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