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New Player LF Guild

Soul Shriven
I've been playing TES games and involved in the various communities that have sprung up around them since about 2003 when Morrowind hooked me. Back when I had a working gaming PC I actually participated in ESO's beta and played a bit after release but my PC died on me and I've never been able to afford to replace it.

Anyways, recently my boyfriend and I who both have XB1's decided to buy ESO to play together. I immediately fell in love and subscribed to ESO Plus as well. I play, well to put it lightly, a lot. Far more than him and soloing and having to learn the game I suppose you could say the hard way or with trial/error and looking up a lot of things is getting a little tiresome, so I've decided to see if there's a guild that'd be interested in me.

Important Information
While I've got a number of alts all under level 10 (most are Pact atm), my main is a 31 Dunmer Nightblade (mainly specializing in bows and damage oriented with a little bit of support on the side). I'm big into crafting as well. I'm 26. Despite playing on the EU server I'm actually American and live in America, it's just that my work and sleep schedule mean I'm playing during more peak EU hours than NA hours.

I've got and will gladly use a working mic/headset. I'll gladly join any guild forums/sites/discord servers/etc. I'm a very active player, and willing and in fact hoping to learn. Definitely a team player. Generally more of a PvE player but that said I've yet to do much PvP at all so that remains to be seen.

English is my first, best, and preferred language but I could probably manage in German & Spanish and can at least aid in communication and translation when it comes to a great deal of other languages.

Any further questions I'll gladly answer.

What I'm Looking For
I'm not necessarily interested in the biggest, bestest, baddest guild out there. I'd prefer something a bit smaller with a core group of active players I can get to know who are willing to show me the ropes and help me out from time to time (and who I'll gladly help with whatever I can).
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