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Fall of Faolchu /Talking the Fight to the Enemy quest giver missing

Soul Shriven
I tried logging out and restarting the game, but it does not fix the problem for me. I cannot abandon the questline because I completed the Fall of Faolchu quest but did not receive a prompt to speak to the quest giver to get the final quest Talking the Fight to the Enemy. It wasn't until I left the area that I could see that I have a quest giver pin for Darius Gautire if I stand really close to the large gate and if I position myself just right it says that he is below. Below where I don't know. It seems that the pin is on the other side of the locked gate, but if I go around through the side gate there is no on the other side and the pin does not appear anywhere. I have checked every building and they are either locked or there is no one in them and no way to go below.

PS4 NA Megaserver

This is the only place I can see the quest giver pin

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  • OsemAndy
    Soul Shriven
    I finally heard back from ESO support after about a week. They gave me two options to try.

    The first was to delete any open quests that could be deleted and then power cycle the PS4. This did not work. Lucky for me I had finished most of the quests in my journal and only had to find 3 quest givers to restart those quest lines.

    The second was deleting my ESO saved data file. This did work.
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