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As stated in the title - the Resolute Sentinels is looking for new fresh Officers to join the ranks.
We've been inactive for around 2 months now but plan to set the track straight and build the Guild up to its former Glory.

At our height, we had 350+ members with more joining consistently at a rapid rate. We ran multiple events which didn't require any levels from our members and we were always welcoming to new guests. At the same time however we had vTrials taking place in our Progression group and organised PvP open world events ran by me. Our success was due to the versatility of the Guild and the ability to cater for the majority of members. Our rotar looked something like the banner seen above.

As for YOU, the potential new Officer, this is what we'd want:
  • The ability to be flexible in event creating and timings.
  • Fairly sociable. (but if not, we've had an officer for 2 years who's never spoken yet has one of the biggest presences in the guild)
  • Previous experience in running/helping a guild (again, if not this isn't a problem - its preference)
  • Ambition. This is key - we need someone with ambition and a drive to build up the guild as do we. This will be the most important aspect and one which'll earn promotions the fastest.
  • TO REMEMBER that this is not a Job. Our guild became inactive a couple months back because our officers had real life issues to handle. That should always take priority and we advocate for that, so don't expect this to be a Guild which demands your undying obedience.

But what do YOU get from US?:

Well ultimately you get a wholesome guild where you can come and relax with the people you like talking to and get away from the struggles of everyday life. BUT.. if you're ambitious, in our guild we have some of the best raiders EU and some well known PvP'ers who play in the highest MMR's for BG's. If you're keen to enter any aspect there, they'll be more than willing to help.

This is our Guild post for more information https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/454035/a-guild-that-caters-to-all-aspects-of-eso-the-resolute-sentinel-is-now-recruiting-pve-pvp#latest

Please, if you feel this is for you, contact either myself @proteinexe or @Tsu_namii

Thank you and have a good day x
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