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[NA - PC] Tamriel Adventure Tours (Open World Roleplay)

The Hook

Yarr mateys, anyone who expresses interest gets a free fishy stick!

But really, although roleplaying in taverns and houses can be great, it's something else to go out and encounter each other in the world. Tamriel Adventure Tours sets up planned excursions for everyone's enjoyment.

The Concept

Tamriel Adventure Tours is a guild, but also a community. We partner with other themed guilds to put on tours and events that relate to their content. For example, with a dunmer or Tribunal group, we'll go out and visit the Shrines of the Seven Graces. Similarly, we can enlist a khajiiti architect to give us a tour of Elsweyr's magnificent bridges -- dodging dragons all the while. Some trips might be comedic, while others informative and serious, and others still are downright dangerous. Similar events could include camping trips, cultural exchanges, or fundraising galas. The world of Tamriel can be a chaotic place, so while some journeys may go according to plan, others might attract some unwanted attention. Thus we adhere to a balanced theme: less combat-oriented than most, but still appropriate for the setting. There's only so far you can go until you hit a bandit "toll." Some of these can take the form of random events or pre-planned surprises. There is something for just about everyone and we're open to suggestions!

The Roles

Benefactors - Benefactors are members of allied groups who may sponsor or help plan tours and other events which relate to their area of interest.
Participants - Some may be one-time visitors, while others are loyal regulars. Either way, participants are adventurous souls who may come along whether they're members or not.
Guides - Guides are the heart of Tamriel Adventure Tours! Some are erudite scholars eager to show where they know, while others might just be there for the paycheck. The whole experience rides on them, whether their "character" is competent or not. This can lead to a lot of fun and creativity.
Guards - We'd be easy marks for bandits or cultists without these folks. Their job is to bash the bad things away, both in-character and out-of-character.
Planners - These are the minds behind scheduling tours and other events. From an in-character perspective, it could be about giving folks a good good time or squeezing ignorant nobles for their last piece of coin.

Adventure Points

Everyone who participates earns Adventure Points. In-character, they exist as a loyalty rewards program. Simply attending an event awards a small amount of Adventure Points, while putting one on as a guide, planner, or benefactor rewards a substantial amount. We're still working on what they will be used for, but they will form the basis of our ranking-up system and can be spent on in-character and out-of-character prizes like special equipment or in-game recipes and furniture.


If interested, feel free to post here, PM in-game (@FishyStickSandwich), or contact FishyStickSandwich#1229 on Discord. Since everyone is limited to five, in-game guild isn't required, but Discord is essential if you'd like to work as a guide, benefactor, or planner.
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