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Top Quests Ranking?

I’ve finished all main quests, including Cadwell Almanac, Murkmire, Elseweyr and other DLCs.
There’re so many missions that I wonder what other cool missions or places am I missing.
So I’m asking the community, is there any online ranking for best missions/quests?
If not, what’s your favourite quest so far?
Mine is the storyline of the five champions.
  • VaranisArano
    I don't think there's a ranking, just personal preference.

    I'd say Orsinium DLC has my favorite standalone story that breaks the mold of "evil Daedra wants to take over everything."
  • Thrawn75
    Nice. This is not the first time I see Orsinium DLC recommended - will give it a go! Thanks :)
  • Aelorin
    I guess it has a lot to do with personal taste. I know a lot of people liked to quest in Rivenspire, but I really did not like that zone. For me the quest line with the 2 khajit sisters in Reaper's March was fun.

    Also I really really loved to quest in Morrowind and Summerset, but hey I like elves in general.

    Also I liked to quest in Auridon, but that was part because I am an elven lover, an Aldmeri Dominion lover, and a queen lover, and all that in 1 zone :-) I remember getting the shivers when I first met Queen Ayrenn :blush:

    Melee is nothing.
    Stealth is something.
    Magic is everything!
  • cjhhickman39
    As said above personnel preferences have the main bearing on this,for me thieves guild was fun because it was different.
    Not all about burn down the boss but requires a different skill set at times
  • AcadianPaladin
    My fave quests in the game are the handful of quests that comprise the Wilderking quests in Greenshade - part of the AD quest progression.
    PC NA (PvE)
  • Tyrion87
    My personal favs from base game zones are: Rivenspire and Greenshade.

    From DLCs: Summerset by far, both the main story and many side quests - really climatic. Also Clockwork City has a nice vibe.

    But all is just a personal preference.
    Edited by Tyrion87 on August 9, 2019 3:26PM
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