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Top Quests Ranking?

I’ve finished all main quests, including Cadwell Almanac, Murkmire, Elseweyr and other DLCs.
There’re so many missions that I wonder what other cool missions or places am I missing.
So I’m asking the community, is there any online ranking for best missions/quests?
If not, what’s your favourite quest so far?
Mine is the storyline of the five champions.
  • VaranisArano
    I don't think there's a ranking, just personal preference.

    I'd say Orsinium DLC has my favorite standalone story that breaks the mold of "evil Daedra wants to take over everything."
  • Thrawn75
    Nice. This is not the first time I see Orsinium DLC recommended - will give it a go! Thanks :)
  • Aelorin
    I guess it has a lot to do with personal taste. I know a lot of people liked to quest in Rivenspire, but I really did not like that zone. For me the quest line with the 2 khajit sisters in Reaper's March was fun.

    Also I really really loved to quest in Morrowind and Summerset, but hey I like elves in general.

    Also I liked to quest in Auridon, but that was part because I am an elven lover, an Aldmeri Dominion lover, and a queen lover, and all that in 1 zone :-) I remember getting the shivers when I first met Queen Ayrenn :blush:

    And so the Elder Scrolls foretold.You will be shy, and I will be bold.
  • cjhhickman39
    As said above personnel preferences have the main bearing on this,for me thieves guild was fun because it was different.
    Not all about burn down the boss but requires a different skill set at times
  • AcadianPaladin
    My fave quests in the game are the handful of quests that comprise the Wilderking quests in Greenshade - part of the AD quest progression.
    PC NA(no Steam), PvE, mostly solo
  • Tyrion87
    My personal favs from base game zones are: Rivenspire and Greenshade.

    From DLCs: Summerset by far, both the main story and many side quests - really climatic. Also Clockwork City has a nice vibe.

    But all is just a personal preference.
    Edited by Tyrion87 on August 9, 2019 3:26PM
  • Essavias
    My fav quest is the tailor from Glenumbra, who tried to escape his overbearing wife and mother in law. It's not epic by any means, but the conclusion of the quest was so funny, and voice acting was so impeccable - I couldn't stop laughing.
  • kind_hero
    I like the conclusion of the main quest... feels very satisfying. When I did it the 1st time (2015) it felt great.

    [PC/EU] Tamriel Hero, Stormproof, Grand Master Crafter
  • m2rc
    My favourite quests are in Vvardenfell. They were just so much fun to play through. My favourite of all of them is easily the Balmora questline. It's cool and meaningful, and Naryu is such a badass.
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