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[PC][NA] Looking For The Impossible

I am a returning player after a 5-year hiatus. I embrace all of the deep and rich content this game has to offer, including progression-gaining activities like dungeons and dailies. However, I like to immerse myself in the story that these activities provide. I grow weary of PUG groups running through dungeons as if they were on fire. It's perfectly reasonable (and profitable) to speed run an oft-visited dungeon, and I will reach that level at some point.

I am looking for players who find the atmosphere of this game just as rewarding as its progression.
  • Xjon8
    Soul Shriven
    Hello Evanis,

    We have a new casual social guild, Social Lite on the NA servers. There are less than 20 members but more than half are on Discord daily hanging out. The majority of our members are mid-forties or older and enjoy playing the game the way you mention. We have already had world boss runs, skyshard hunts, and other group activities that we have not been able to do in giant guilds with younger players, but most often you'll find us just helping each other do delves at a normal pace where loot ***, such as myself, can stop to collect every single barrel, as well as take the time to read the quest parts and enjoy the lore/adventure aspect of the game. I think you'd find a good home here and folks who would become friends. We accept everyone, there is no discrimination based on race, age, sexual orientation, etc, etc, politics and religion are not talked about, and if you need help crafting many of do that as well. Our guild hall has everything except a transmutation station, but again we are a very new guild but with old-school and older players who have actual social skills and good manners!

    Send me a message, I should be around the rest of tonight and tomorrow @Xjon8 . Cheers! -Nate
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