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Auridon and summerset architecture difference

is a there a lore reason why Auridon and summerset have totally different building styles?
the only thing i could think of head cannon ise is that Auridon has been rebult multiple times due to invasion and they made cheaper less impressive buildings in case they get destroyed again but summerset has been attacked before as well.
  • Araneae6537
    Wouldn’t it be reason enough that Summerset was closed off for a long time while I presume Auridon has had more interaction with other cultures? The culture of Summerset seems very focused on the past — traditions, genealogy, family name, etc. It seems logical that Altmeri outside of Summerset would develop differently in at least some ways, one of which may be architecture.
  • Iccotak
    different art directors in charge
    huge difference when you look at old ESO concept art vs Now
  • VaranisArano
    Lore reason? Not really, aside from the fact that the city-states on Auridon are separate from Summerset and that the Altmer born on Summerset seem to treat Auridon like their backwards cousins. Summerset is also a much more vertical island, which is reflected in their city planning.

    Practically speaking, its just because ESO's art direction has advanced and it doesnt pay to revamp everything.

    I mean, you might as well ask why Hew's Bane looks much better than Sentinel, or why the Vvardenfell Dunmer atchitecture is so much more advanced than mainland Morrowind architecture.
  • Nestor
    Even within a society, architecture evolves over time. Outside influences, changing tastes, new construction techniques, different local materials all contribute to the changes in style. There does not have to a lore related reason for something that happens organically.

    Now, one big similarity between Auridon, Grahtwood, Greenshade and Summerset is the amount of Clutter. This was even remarked during a preview of Summerset. The Altmer are a tidy people, so where they hold away, you see less clutter.
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  • Dark_Lord_Kuro
    I think in a loadsrean it says Auridon act like a buffer between tamriel and summerset so it does have more outside influance
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