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[PC EU] Wrath of the Dragons - popular inclusive social guild with a bit of everything! Join us. :D

Soul Shriven
If you're reading this, then you're obviously interested in the Wrath of the Dragons! Congratulations, you made the right choice. My name's Adam and I am one of two guild leaders. The other is my partner.

In December, we created a guild and had no idea where we would take it. We just knew we liked the name.

Now, there's a lot to read below, but bare with me. It's worth it (hopefully!).

We surprisingly grew quite rapidly, at first inviting only those that we happened upon through doing random dungeons and pledges with random players. Some of those guys are still in the guild today and form the core ethic behind our guild. We are now 450+ players strong and our community is thriving.

We are always looking for players (age 18+) to join us. We don't have a minimum requirement; you can run any alliance, any race at any level and you'll be welcomed. You can be a completely new player, or a seasoned veteran, it doesn't matter to us. We only want one thing from you; community wide respect. If you hold this valuable character trait in your locker, we want you in our guild!

We don't focus on one area of the game. We are, primarily, social, and our Discord and guild chat are full of life. That said, we offer regular in-game events and features that will keep you interested and will hopefully give you an incentive to stay with us and grow as part of our community.

- We hold regular events for both pve and pvp content, most recently a World Boss Marathon, grouping up to explore, kill world bosses, collect Skyshards and earn XP.

- We offer regular trials in both veteran and normal difficulty. We have four extremely dedicated raid leaders to lead you through trial groups, we have requirements for veteran trials, but you can join in with our normal trials (learning & farming runs) as long as you've reached CP160. Our trials are always run with a relaxed attitude, especially the learning and farming runs.

If you're still reading, then you're still interested. That's awesome.

- We also have two raid leaders who are dedicated to taking inexperienced players into dungeon content so they can learn the mechanics - we think this is a great asset in our guild and one which proves really popular.

- We run pvp events too - not easy in a mixed alliance guild, but our chosen alliance is Ebonheart Pact - but don't let that put you off! The main aim of our pvp events are simply to have fun as a guild. Don't worry if you feel like a traitor; when the event's done, just go back to your normal alliance and make up for it! :D

- We also run the odd giveaway! If you're lucky, you might just win an ESO chapter, DLC or Crowns, how exciting!

- We also have a guild trader. Although it isn't a main guild focus, we try, as often as possible, to have a trader for you so that you can sell your hard earned loot! We don't have any sale requirements, like a trading guild, so there's no pressure on you to sell - however, to support this, we do ask for donations, just 5k per week - but again, our members are under no pressure to donate and it is completely optional!

Still interested? Then there's a number of ways to apply. We're listed on the in-game guild roster, feel free to drop in an application. If you want to take a more personal approach, feel free to drop me (@m0nstr0s1ty1983) or @LadyDarksoulStasia a mail in-game.

Join our community and be a part of something awesome in ESO. :)
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