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Legends of the Fallen

Soul Shriven
Legends of the Fallen is a brand-new guild that is looking to recruit a base group of members to start our guild’s growth. What we are going to be looking for are players of all time zones, play styles, classes and specs with no racial or faction requirements. From this base group of players, we’ll be looking for leaders for different aspects of the game. These will be based on Dungeons, Trials, PvP, Special Events (Raffles, Auctions, Contests of various kinds, etc.). Those that are chosen will be given appropriate ranks to carry out their tasks and be recognized for them as well.

What we are not looking for is attitudes, arrogance or elitist. None of this has any room in our guild, none of it will be tolerated on any level. We view each other as equals and should be here to help one another, not put others down. We will have our rules, and everything set on our Discord and future website as well. The plan is to grow in all directions, but not at such a speed we don’t get to know one another along the way. Guilds that grow too fast often are the ones with the most issues within.

We are here for the long haul, not short term. We will be requiring a few things to become members and higher ranks in the guild. One of which is Discord is a must, no exceptions. If you want to take part in Dungeons, Events, especially Trials, you must be in Discord. Talking isn’t mandatory but listening to instructions will be. We want everyone to feel welcome, to get to know one another and become friends as apposed to just players in a guild that every once in a blue moon do stuff together. We want this guild to mean something special to everyone in it.

Once we have the base group of players in place, we’ll start posting recruitment messages occasionally, in different zones across the entire game. No spamming, we’re not in any kind of rush to become big. It’s quality over quantity here. Feel players out by grouping with others as well, showing them how we treat one another and work with as well. If this sounds like you’d be interested in what we’re planning, get in touch with us in-game directly or by mail.

@Foxxen – Guild Leader
@Savvee – Co Leader

We're both on from some mornings and evenings, we're in CST time-zone as well. So if we don't get with you immediately, we'll get with you very soon!

Have a wonderful day everyone!
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