So with the changes to SnB skills what do u plan to run as your spammable next patch?
New powerbash? Dizzy?
  • Vermethys
    Silver Shards or Deep Slash (if the damage hasn't been nerfed hard).
    PC EU CP1300+
    StamDK Main (PvP/PvE)
    Gorgo Aendovius [AD Imperial Dragonknight] -- Blackrose Executioner (AR27)
    Edith Geonette [DC Imperial Sorcerer] -- Monster Hunter (AR24)
    Deimos Exul [DC Imperial Necromancer] -- Relic Runner (AR9)

    My Builds:
  • Ecfigies
    I'm curious with this too, also it's going to be worth to have Seventh? Mostly DK's that i've known in PvP are going to change.

    Dizzy it's a bug festival with the lag in PvP, most of the times doesn't work imo.
  • danthemann5
    Dizzy when lag allows, Carve otherwise. The only s&b skill I'm using in my post-Skillbreaker build is Invasion for gap closer and stun. No point in using Reverb without the defile.
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