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A large question about 2vsXing

Hi there! I have been playing since launched and dabbled in and out of PvP since then! I am alliance war rank 42 and my friend just recently started the game just dinged 400ish CP.

We are looking into attempting to try to do 2vsXing, practicing for it ofc and getting to learn how but we really don't know where to begin.

For starters he is a stam necro and I am a magplar dps - can these two classes synergize well?

What builds would be best? The more details the better!

2. How do people do it at all? How do people survive 6-10 people wailing on them as a group of 2 and then turning around and instant killing everyone and walking away? I understand things like fury and dawn breaker for stamina - what does a magicka dps like a magplar do to do this? Is it possible for a stamina to do it without using fury?

3. litterally anything and everything else! the more details the better!

Thanks for your time!
  • Iskiab
    That’s a good combo I think. The way you do it is cross healing and timing burst.

    Build a little tankier so you’re able to heal each other and use mutually supporting skills like orbs, vigor, shards, etc...

    Bait the group until a couple of guys peel off from the group. They’ll likely be spec’d either in a specialist role or for soloing. Kite them around, build your ultimate, then hit them at the same time with your ultimates - the colossus’ major vulnerability wrecks people so if you time it right everyone in the area will go down.

    That’s the foundation, work together and the potatoes don’t so you win.
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  • VaranisArano
    As for #2, look at tower farmers. They are constantly moving and using LOS to avoid damage from those pursuing players. You don't want to fight 6 players at once. Instead, you want to bait them into separating so that its not a 2v 6, but rather a 2v 1, then 2v2 then 2v2, then kill the last guy, or however you pull them apart and defeat them in detail.

    Successful 1vXers pull apart the large group of X players and defeat them in detail.
  • EtTuBrutus
    All classes synergize together, the players need too as well.

    My biggest advice is practice, and say things aloud. At first, focus on movement. In a tower, do you go the same direction up the first set of stairs? If not, work it out it never needs to be said. When movement becomes congruent, then u can more easily evaluate and react.

    Magplar has nothing remotely close to a fury stam or necro in regards to burst. They've got a pressure toolkit. Im not saying they can't burst, bc they can. But other classes do it better while you have other tools to be supportive and a killer.
  • EtTuBrutus
    Ive got a ton of solo and small group magplar videos if u wanna check them out
  • BaiterOfZergs
    Really a loaded question because there’s not really a simple answer but...

    For starters its important that you learn how to play with each other with and without coms. The latter will actually make you even better when you are actually using coms.

    Learn the map, all fights don’t take place in a tower. You have to learn to use your environment to your advantage so that means using areas with LOS and even finding choke points; the last thing you want to do is fight in the open.

    Play off of each other. That means make sure you’re off healing, moving together unless it’s better to split, making call outs and synchronizing bursts/ults.

    Awareness - This and movement is probably the most important factors because it’s what keeps you from dying when you don’t have to. That means keeping track of how many people you’re fighting, what classes you’re fighting, how many healers you’re up against, who to ignore and who to kill , more people coming in to help kill you etc. Also includes knowing who is the biggest threat because contrary to popular belief decent and good players will help kill you.

    Movement - Includes making use of los, speed, snare removals, dodge roll vigor/skill cancels, immovables if you need them, managing your stam in order to break free when needed and not being predictable. If you are avoiding hits then you’re avoiding damage. I guess I’ll add setting up ults here because it usually involves movement but it’s also a part of awareness. You do want to split enemies up when possible, although you need to know when to try to burst a group down. Remember those choke points I mentioned? That’s what they are for, stacking a group up and then attempting to kill them. For some odd reason certain people stop healing themselves when they have you outnumbered so be aware of that when using choke points.

    Damage and mitigation should be factored as well but I’ll just touch on these because it’s important to know the basics. Without them it doesn’t matter how much damage or mitigation you have, your build will still feel inadequate.
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  • GhostofDatthaw
    2vx comes down to how in sync you are. Pure and simple. I used to have a few buddies (rip due to lag) I played with constantly. We were all just on the same wave length. One guy in particular, we would 2vx ALOT, and we wouldn't even be in coms something about the way we played just melded. Always seemed to pick the same target priority would piggy back each other's burst, just learned their combo and could see when they were going all in.

    You don't come by truly great 2vx partners very often imo
  • kaithuzar
    Just run guard on each other...
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  • amir412
    kaithuzar wrote: »
    Just run guard on each other...

    Do that if you wanna play like a bot...

    Anyways, its all about knowing your surroundings, so you will know when to engage and disengage.
    Dont try to fight 10 pepole out open, you wont win this unless they are really really bad.

    Build for tankiness at first, high mitigations builds, so you can practice as a dou, and none of u will get one shot. (You wont learn anything if you keep dying right?)
    And once you get confidence, go for more dmg build.

    Also try to capture resources deep in the enemies line, that way the amount of enemies u will face wont be that big.

    Watch some vids if you dont know to LOS.

    Good luck
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