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Elemental my dear fellow... fantasy build*

Hi, I like writing and I like theory crafting, so apologies for the long winded expo.

I had the idea quite a while back to make a themed 'elemental' mage, to wield the powers of fire, ice, electricity. This week a finally decided to take him to level 50 and complete the idea, the character had been sat at about level 30 since way back last year. Ive searched online and I really cannot find many, if any similar build ideas being discussed or implemented. I thought folks may appreciate a look and Id certainly love to hear peoples thoughts, questions or suggestions.

Please remember, this is a themed build for fun, it is not a min/max/bis build and this is why I am posting here for the RP/fiction community. With that said, it does work and pulls good dps.

The intention was to use visually impressive or at least noticeable fire, ice and shock damage abilities all together as part of a dps role - I wanted the feel of a mage harnessing all the raw elements of nature against his foes.

My first thoughts turned to class, under consideration were Sorc for the shock, DK for the fire and Warden for the frost (the idea started was pre Necro). But how to do damage with frost, without taunting? This led to my discounting a frost staff on a Sorc or DK and fairly quickly to deciding upon a Warden class, most specifically for Winters revenge but also for the other very useful skills in buffing my spell crit, damage and my resistances/damage mitigation.

Race wise there are plenty of options, High elf, Breton, Dark elf etc. I chose High elf as I wanted to maximise my dps - although it may well end up I change to a Breton for the better sustain. I need to test which performs best.

From there the staffs and some of the skills picked themselves. Wall of elements is obviously a mainstay for mag dps so thats a given, one fire staff, one shock staff - which led my thoughts to having one bar more focused on multi target, one on single target.

Set wise is where the creative juices really got excited! Very quickly I decided upon Caluurion, the ability to proc fire, ice and shock damage (and disease) was perfect for my theme. Note that Caluurion isnt actually that visually stimulating, though you get lovely fire/frost/shock/disease indicators over your shoulders, if you blink you can miss the proc actually firing on target.

I knew I wanted Caluurion but was unsure about a 2nd set, so turned my attention to the monster sets. Ilambris jumped out immediately, again fitting the them perfectly with the ability to proc both Shock and fire aoe hailstorms. Using both shock and fire staffs also ensured Ilambris would proc reliably, and putting a shock enchant in my fire staff and a fire enchant in my shock staff increases the proc chance nicely, whichever bar I am on.

So for the final set, I initially went with Mothers sorrow to gain the crit chance needed to proc Caluurion reliably. This also allowed me to take the Shadow mundas to increase crit damage. However, although this performed very well indeed initially, I couldnt help feeling that frost was being a little neglected in my theme and that a further proc set would be great if I could find an appropriate one. There are several, but Icy Conjuror seemed to fit - the chance to proc a significant amount of Ice damage with a nice visual was perfect and the added spell pen was welcome. However, as you will note this removed a massive amount of crit chance, gimping Caluurion. The only option was to revert back to Thief mundas and continue to make sure Betty netch was up 100%, this gives crit of about 55%, not ideal, but workable. I am currently testing this setup to see how it compares with Mothers sorry in relation to over all dps, its entirely possible that Mothers Sorrow actually does more dps, we shall see.

Crucially, to use Icy Conjuror effectively I have dropped Deep Fissure skill for Elemental Drain, which basically procs the Ice wraith automatically via minor magica steel. You will note that I have both Icy Conjuror and Caluurion on the body, this is simply because I am still acquiring all the set pieces, but I have managed to have all sets active all the time on either bar.

The rotation is somewhat dynamic, in that it changes depending on if I am fighting adds/multiple targets, or single targets/boss. I am very much still working on the rotation and experimenting for max DPS. Definitely a work in progress and I would welcome feedback.

Obviously buff up pre engagement - Lotus Blossom, Betty Netch, Ice Fortress - these buff my spell crit, spell damage and resistances/damage mitigation, significantly and I try to keep these up 100% by working them into the rotation when required. (Betty also helps with my lowish mag regen).

Multi target:
Winters revenge > LA > Blockade of Storms > (LA > Shock Clench x4 or 5) > swap bar > Elemental drain (proc Icy Conjuror) > LA > Force Pulse (good chance to proc Ilambris) > (Swap bar/buffs/shield)

Single target:
Winters revenge > LA > Shock clench (mainly for the dot) > swap bar > Blockade of fire > LA > Elemental drain > (LA > Force Pulse x4 or 5) > (Swap bar/buffs/shield).

All my characters have Scots Gaelic names, which tend to sound and work well for fantasy themed names. This character is called Eileamaidean, which roughly translates to "Elemental". The outfit is a combination of Dro M'athra chest, Frostcaster legs and arms, Hallowjack shoulders (light) and belt (medium), which actually all sits well together but I cant post a pic from my ps4, soz.

I am happy to discuss dps results thus far if anyone is interested, before I slotted Icy Conjuror, the best parse was 36k, I have not tested a dps parse with Icy Conjuror yet, thats the next step. (For context, my best dps character has pulled 52K).

If you got this far thank you so much for reading, I would love to hear what you think. How would you create an elemental themed character?
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