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The Shogunate PvX Looking for Active Community Members!!!

Soul Shriven
[PC NA] The Shogunate / 450 Members / Social and PvX / We Value Active Community Members

Our Guild welcomes all alliances for PvE and we PvP exclusively on Aldmeri Dominion (AD).

We are an 18+ guild looking for community oriented players who want to get involved, have a good time and enjoy the game. We value kindness and our guild does a little bit of everything.

We have a strong and dedicated officer corps which allows us to host nightly events on a consistent and reliable basis.

Honestly, we are here to help people play and enjoy the game at all levels. We can offer end game PvE raiding opportunities and also have a strong cadre of experienced and knowledgeable PvP officers.

We welcome everyone from casuals to end-gamers. Our goal is to recruit members who are looking to settle into a home guild and we'd love for you to get into our community and be a big part of it.

We encourage people to socialize on voice comms. We have a robust Discord text and Discord voice chat community.

We do everything from end-game PvE raids to all variations of PvP. We do world boss runs and other fun stuff for casual gamers as well. Even normal Trials for the in-betweeners.

We PvP in the 30 Day Standard on Monday’s and Wednesday’s and also run AD Hoc groups on other nights. Sat night is a rotating PvP schedule for every Saturday night. We sometimes run the 7 day to help a guildie get Emp it if the 30 day stacks to high.

Nearly all our PvP groups are open to any guild member and we have recently formed a core invite-only closed group for advanced PvP on Sunday nights. We organize monthly dueling tournaments the last Saturday night of each month.

We are always looking for PvE End Game Raiders. We’ll even help you get into raiding and build up through the process.

We have awesome guild houses. Come hang out, have fun and be chill.

We offer a monthly mega-raffle that includes Crowns as a prize among other prizes.

Can copy and paste the following into in-game chart for guild recruiting tool:

|H1:guild:572159|hThe Shogunate|h

Guild runs on US Central Time and typically starts events at 8 in the evening to work in both East Coast and West Coast gamers.

Also get an invite at or message @tpishek via an in-game mail.
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