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How to find item X?

Sorry, next n00b question...

I want to buy an item on the market, let's say 'Briarheart Chest, Medium Armor, Orc style, Divine Trait, CP160'. Is there a better way than jumping town to town to town to find a)is it available?, b)where is it available?, and c)what's the cost? Would be great to be able to go directly to the vendor offering the item. I am hoping an add on perhaps? If so which?

I have googled and search on the forums. I can find addons to track trading and crafting. I am hoping for a plain and simple "type x, direction to go y, and the cost will be z".

Thank you!
  • Nestor
    Try dropping the Trait requirement, you can Transmute if you really think it is needed. Not having Divines is not the end of the world. In fact, Infused might be better.

    That will give you better chances.

    You can join World Boss tours in Wrothgar and hit all 6 World Bosses in about an hour in a tight group. Also, farm Chests there.

    Finally, Tamriel Trade Center can help if your on PC, it's a website. Note, dont even count on the bargains, they will be gone before you get there.

    And No, the devs have stated categorically there will not be a Global Auction House. Just go visit the two or three large Trade Hubs, and you will find the chest piece
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  • The_Shadowborn

    Is the best there is right now there is an addon to go with it but you don't need it to use the site
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  • Tycleton
    Thanks both! Much appreciated.
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