Change Attunement to a hybrid of dodge and cloak

Basically the question is should attunement be changed to something like phase shift that functions similar to dodge and cloak but more viable for magicka. Have it nullify direct damage for 1-2 sec and then have a morph that adds dot supression for a time based on light armor pieces worn. You wouldn't go invisible and would still be able to be targeted. The other morph could be an efficiency morph like harness in that it restores magicka based on attacks phase shifted through. Give all morphs the streak/dodge roll stacking cost increase for spamming to keep it fair.

My reasoning why this could be good;

1. Eliminates easy shield stacking. Harden ward and healing ward could be balanced more independently.

2. Shields in general are too hard to balance because of their nature of being able to be used preemptively. Too strong they give too long of an offensive window before the user has to worry about defense. Too weak and other skills like heals become a better option.

3. With the changes to bleeds and dots in general, light armor will be hit the hardest. Giving them a powerful counter to dots will move dots back into being more effective against heavy builds.

4. It's reactive and more skill based than shields.

5. Brings back some of the old mistform flavor without the negatives of vamp.

Change Attunement to a hybrid of dodge and cloak 6 votes

Good Idea
NuarBlack 1 vote
Bad Idea
FortunattoThePedgeTrancestorStellarvorousGhostofDatthaw 5 votes
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