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Shoulder and hip flaps

Why majority of armour have ugly shoulder that floats on character or hip flaps that just clips through? Apart from some of the shoulder peices majority of them are ugly and don't fit well same for hip flaps hanging in air please add an option to hide these just like helmet.
  • ZoeZio
    Hide everything option, except body armor and pants (we don't want a lot of nude players on the server :D). But this function has been requested for a long time ago. I doubt that would ever be possible :(
    Edited by ZoeZio on July 31, 2019 2:26PM
  • ghastley
    The various hip elements, tassets etc. being part of the chest piece, aren't ever likely to be hidden. The mechanism would only be able to hide a complete slot, if it's ever implemented.

    I've been campaigning for them to become part of the waist slot, but even a belt is still chest. Waist is only the buckle.
  • Saelent
    Where’s the petition to sign for this?
    *waves sign*
    Hide the hip flaps!
    Hide the shoulder wagglers!

    My protest is done.
  • blnchk
    ghastley wrote: »
    I've been campaigning for them to become part of the waist slot...

    This would be amazing and should make combining gear of different styles without clipping easier, too. However, I doubt it's any more feasible than just hiding the parts outright. The devs would have to edit all armour and belt meshes for this, which is obviously a tonne of work with no payoff (for them).
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