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Black Widow nerf

Wondering if that was necessary? Did people even use that skill? I tried many times and nobody ever activated the synergy.

Some nerfs in the Elsweyr update I can understand but this one I cannot, not without making it easier to activate the synergy in the first place.
  • SaltySudd
    This is actually a very common skill for tanks/healers to use in trials especially if the group has several bow/bow builds.

    It deals decent damage and provides a synergy for Lokke.
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  • DocFrost72

    And now it will be used by DPS if they can find a spot for it, as the base damage got buffed but the synergy got lowered.
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  • Lightspeedflashb14_ESO
    The damage of the skill is actually very high now, well worth using in a rotation.
  • goldenarcher1
    Replacement for caltrops maybe?
  • Holycannoli
    Didn't notice the damage increase in the patch notes
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