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Blackcraft Covenant [PS4/NA] seeking new and returning players!

Blackcraft Covenant (Est. 2017) is looking for members to help build its ranks! We are a social guild, a family in many ways, looking for active players who enjoy world content, dungeons, trials, and PvP. Our members also have interests in crafting, housing, fishing, etc.

Members of our guild have access to Master Crafters, our Guild Bank, a Guild Hall with all the amenities, and a Discord server.

All are welcome to join, especially players looking for a group to engage and participate with in ESO (old and new players, casual and active).

We are an LGBTQ+ Ally and follow a strict code that is against all forms of discrimination and bullying/trolling.

If you’re looking for a guild with a fun, social atmosphere message (PSN: Athdrivar or Svargo87) for an invite, or reply here in this form.
  • marktown
    Soul Shriven
    PSN is Marktown

    ESO character is Markle Slapnuts

    Returning player, haven't been active in probably two years. Coming back to the game and needing to relearn it. I am building a dragon knight from the beginning and looking for a community to do it with. It would be great to find someone I could pay for some training armor. IF you're still recruiting I'd love an invite!
  • Athdrivar
    Howdy! I'll send you an invite this evening when I log in. Glad to have you aboard!
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