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Question about class and rolls

Soul Shriven
Theirs post on classes and how the are linked to skills/ and race,but when it comes to class and rolls I see mixed information or its before changes to class. I have some questions on class and rolls.
Play PvE only
trials: holding off until CP levels are done
Preferred combat style: Ranged, but for tank I will likely do shield and sword unless you thing other wise.
Race: argonian, I for some reason lose interest if I play another race.
Current CP: 160
Current roll: healer that's unable to kill any thing with out help
Wanted rolls: DPS, Tank, Werewolf.

For tank I want to help out. I see a lot of tanks in dungeons that can't take more then 4 hits and they are down. On the other side I see some tanks that never drop below 90% health. I want to be a tank that can hold off all NPC's while my team dose what they need to.

1. What class would be best for survivability and while willing to sacrificing some dps if needed. I see posts pointing to Dragonknight, but I see Templar and Necromancer tanks too.
2. necromancer more of a DPS or Tank class?
3. I see the cap for resistance is 32k, but is 32k resistance overkill for just PvE and should invest in health more?

For DPS, I want to set it up for quick PvE kills so I can get to Max CP. Most likely doing range combat.
I see Sorcerer, Templar, Necromancer are the major AoE DPS

1. Is Necromancer greater than Sorcerer or Templar AoE DPS for PvE leveling mostly solo?
2. Should I consider another class for AoE dps?
3. Class good for open world bosses?
4. Spell/weapon penetration, I'm reading that in PvE its low. Skip penetration and do Spell/weapon damage?

For Werewolf my goal is to just have fun and not really try hard and will be a open world questing class. I see its all stamina and more single target. It's more dps than tank.

1. Nightblade seems to be what people pick, but should I consider another class for open world solo/2 player questing?

  • Joxer61
    Why you see tanks dying is because so many que as tanks yet have no clue, or health, and thus die. All for the sake of a "fast que". Silly, but what can ya do...ZOS needs to fix. AS for all the other questions there are loads of vids out there, and websites with info. you will get a lot of mixed answers here due to so many different folks and what they do. Try site with builds explained and written. Alcast as well has written. Also Dottz. Don't be scurred...Google is your friend. Just be careful of "end game" builds (liko and such) as those are aimed at more experienced players.
    Good luck!! ;)

    (and Werewolf is NOT a matter what people may claim and all that. Does it happen, sure...did ZOS design it for such, nope. Dps though its fun.)
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