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character/screen spinning

I'm on a 2017 27 in. 5k retina imac and my character/screen is doing the spinning thing. But even when I do the check/uncheck in the security and privacy settings, every time i load the game the spinning comes back. i have to do the security & privacy accessibility box checking every time I play. is anyone else experiencing this?
Edited by JJBoomer on July 29, 2019 11:11PM
  • rluke
    Yup, Open the in the eso folder.
    Not the launcher.
  • Ecstatica
    Last time I ran the game from the .app instead of the launcher, it led to loads of problems in game - like pink textures, floors being missing etc. This was quite a while ago now, but is it now working OK?
    Filthy Gorgeous
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