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Games crashed to Xbox dashboard when trying to use Name Change token

I am having issues when trying to change my name on one of my characters.

I have three name change tokens. I am trying to change use a token to change the name of my Khajiit necromancer.

His name is currently "Dro'Kassa".

I was trying to change the name to "Dro'Kassa - Disciple of N'Gasta" but when submit the change, my screen blacks out, and I am back at the Xbox dashboard. I then tried changing it again, this time to " Dro'Kassa - Herald of the Dead Sands" but this again caused my game to crash to the Xbox dashboard.

Am I doing something wrong? Is the name too long, is it because I used a hyphen?

Any help is appreciated.
Xbox NA

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Marcus Cyrodiilius Imperial StamPlar EP
Dro'Kassa Khajiit MagCro DC
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Lorgdan Bladesmith Orc StamBlade DC
Valeon Indoril Dark Elf MagDK EP

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