PTS Patch Notes v5.1.3

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The Elder Scrolls Online v5.1.3 largely includes several additional adjustments and fixes for combat abilities and item sets, in addition to the same for the two Scalebreaker dungeons. For this patch, we ran into an issue that required us to do a fresh copy of all PC NA megaserver characters; we will do a copy of PC EU characters next week. The size of this patch is approximately 158MB.

  • Known Issues
  • Fixes & Improvements
    • DLCs & Chapters
      • Dark Brotherhood
      • Elsweyr
      • Scalebreaker
      • Summerset
    • Combat & Gameplay
      • Combat & Abilities
      • Itemization & Item Sets
    • Base Game
      • Art & Animation
      • Crown Store & Crown Crates
      • Exploration & Itemization
      • Housing
      • Quests & Zones
      • UI
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    • Immortal Warrior’s Major Protection currently does not work, and will be fixed in a future update.
    • Power Surge’s new functionality is incomplete, and will not target allies when it activates.  This will be resolved in a future update.
    • Growing Swarm’s target cap removal is causing issues with performance when used in tandem with specific combinations of sets and passives.  The target cap will be reinstated in a future PTS as a stop gap until the morph undergoes some design changes for a future update. 
    • Z’en’s Redress will receive some adjustments to how it operates, as well as a number tweak from 2% total damage per DoT to 1%, to reduce its total overall power in a group setting.
    • Mutagen's burst heal function is currently too difficult to proc based on its stated behavior, and with the concern of making it too easy to reliably trigger, we'll be investigating a potential rework for what this morph offers.
    • Vigor's rework to be a single target Heal over Time hasn't hit the mark we wanted, and currently enables too much healing with the Echoing Vigor morph. We'll be taking a close look at the core identity of the skill and potentially making adjustments.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    • Fixed an issue that was causing Delve bosses in the Gold Coast to drop loot specific to Public Dungeons.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    • Bone Tyrant
      • Bone Totem: Increased the duration of this ability and its morphs by 1 second to help improve its animation of the totem crumbling, along with adding a new function. These abilities will now pulse a fear once every 2 seconds after the initial 2 second delay, rather than only once. 

    • Fixed an issue preventing many quest rewards from Elsweyr from being enchanted properly. They would previously be awarded with enchantments that simply could not be updated.

    • The Sealed Imperial Summons is now available to read on the table next to Abnur after completing The Demon Weapon.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Lair of Maarselok
      • General
        • Removed interactable objects from a location that proved deadly to those who dared to venture.
        • Updated the sound effect for Carindon’s binding spell and the Azureblight Spriggans.
        • Updated the ambient sound effects heard throughout the dungeon.
        • Maarselok now greets adventurers with a proper roar upon entering the Path of the Rising Sun.
        • Changed the timing of Selene’s shout when she reveals which player is suffering from Maarselok’s Scourge Seed in order to avoid overlap with other sound effects.
        • Fixed an issue with certain textures on the terrain not appearing as intended.
      • Maarselok Flying
        • Updated various sound effects heard throughout this encounter.
      • Azureblight Cancroid
        • Renamed the Corrupted Hive's Heat Vents ability to Foul Vents, which now deals Magic Damage and no longer has a chance to cause the burning effect.
        • Added new sound effects for the following:
          • When the Corrupted Hive summons Azureblight Swarms
          • When the Corrupted Hive is defeated
          • When the Corrupted Hive has its Cancroid Pestilence active
        • Updated the sound effects for the following:
          • Azureblight Barrage ability used by Azureblight Infestor
          • Blighted Ground ability used by Azureblight Infestor
          • Azureblight Seeds
          • Cleansed Seeds
        • Azureblight Infestation is no longer removed when an Azureblight Infestor is defeated.
        • Increased the damage of the Azureblight Infestation.
        • The damage from Azureblight Infestation no longer increases over time.
        • Azureblight Infestation can now be removed using abilities that remove negative effects.
        • Made it easier to identify where the Cancroid Pestilence area effect is located.
      • Maarselok Perched
        • Updated the sound effect for the Azureblight Hoarvor’s Blight Burst explosion and the Skeletal Dire Wolves.
      • Maarselok Grounded
        • After smashing the Azureblight Seed, the following has changed:
          • Selene will now complete her first cast of Poison Bolt instead of stopping early.
          • The encounter will no longer restart if Maarselok is engaged while a nearby player is reviving and in ghost form.
          • Updated the sound effects associated with Maarselok’s Putrid Stalk, Tempest of Blight, and Scourge Seed abilities.
          • If a character gets trapped inside the Azureblight barrier, they will be teleported out of the barrier to rejoin the encounter.
          • Adjusted the timing of Maarselok’s Fus Ro Dah shout to better sync with the visuals.
          • Maarselok will no longer get stuck hovering while casting his Lunge ability.
    • Moongrave Fane
      • General
        • Updated the sound effects for the following:
          • During the conversation between Grundwulf, Nisaazda and Renald in the Moonlight Mausoleum
          • The Hollowfang Bloodpanthers
          • The Sliding Stones
          • The Stone Reconstruction synergy
          • The trigger plates used to open doorways
      • Risen Ruins
        • Updated the sound effects for the Risen Ruin’s Boulder Storm ability.
      • Dro’zakar
        • Added a death recap hint for Dro’zakar’s Consume Hemo Helot ability.
        • Updated the sound effect for Dro’zakar’s Blood Pool ability and the Sacrificial Helot’s sacrifice.
      • Kujo Kethba
        • The flowing lava can now be heard when standing nearby.
        • The Volcanic Geysers are now a little quieter.
        • Updated the sound effects for Kujo Kethba being brought to life.
        • Kujo Kethba's Blazing Shield damage projectile is now more distinct from the Volcanic Geyser projectiles.
      • Nisaazda and Grundwulf
        • Changed the timing of Grundwulf’s Fus Ro Dah shout to sync up better with the visuals.
      • Grundwulf Empowered
        • Updated the Death Recap hint for Ghastly Wound.
        • Corrected a grammatical error in the text display when interacting with the Sangiin Hemo Helot.
        • Renamed the Sangiin Inflammation damage over time effect to Exsanguination.

    • Changed the names for a number of Scalebreaker Achievements.
      • These Colors Don't Run -> “Undying Endurance” 
      • Can't Squeeze Blood From a Stone -> "Bloodless Kill" 
      • Choke on It -> "Bloody Kill" 
      • Block Chain -> "Shared Experience" 
      • Tick Tac Toe -> "Drop the Block" 
      • Qualified Blood Donor -> "Blood Striker" 
      • Germinated -> "Garden Master" 
      • Wellness Planning -> "Scourge Purger" 
    • Added icons for some Scalebreaker Achievements that were previously lacking them. The remaining icons will be added in a future PTS patch. 
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    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Ardent Flame
      • Lava Whip: Reverted the cost of this ability and its morphs to 2295 from 2700, which is their intended cost. Sorry for the confusion!

    • Shadow
      • Summon Shade:
        • Shadow Image (morph): Your Shadow Image has gotten over its misguided protective nature, and will now once again allow you to teleport to it when it is on a destructible piece of terrain such as keep walls, bridges, or resource towers. It also would like to apologize for the previous frustrations in your relationship, and wants you to know that it still loves you. 

    • Storm Calling
      • Bolt Escape
        • Streak: Fixed an issue with this ability where the stun was being blocked if the damage was blocked. The damage and the stun are both now, as advertised, unblockable.
      • Surge
        • Power Surge: This ability now triggers off any Critical Strike, instead of only Critical Damage and continues to grant Major Sorcery. The tooltip also mentions its work in progress functionality, which currently is disabled. Please see the known issue section for further details. 
        • Critical Surge: Increased the healing granted from this morph by 10%. 

    • Dual Wield
      • Hidden Blade: 
        • This ability and the Shrouded Daggers morph no longer mark the target, and now grant their Major Brutality instantly. 
        • Decreased the duration of Brutality to 20 seconds from 30 seconds.
          • Flying Blade (morph):
            • Improved the responsiveness of targeting for this ability’s teleport attack when attempting to use it on an enemy within a group of targets. Tab targeting a marked target will now prioritize them, even if another target enters your field of view. 
            • Increased the duration of the Major Brutality from the teleport activation to 40 seconds from 30 seconds. 
    • Restoration Staff
      • Steadfast Ward
        • Healing Ward: 
          • Reduced the healing value from this ability to 33% of the shield’s remaining strength, down from 100%.
          • This heal can now once again Critically Strike, since the shield itself cannot crit. Thank you all for helping gather data and providing feedback between our multiple iterations! 

    • Light Armor
      • Annulment
        • Harness Magicka: Increased the bonus modifier per piece of Light Armor worn for the Magicka return to 33% at Rank IV from 6%. Note this increase remains to be based on 5% of the ability’s cost, so each piece of Light Armor will increase the return from 5% to 6.65%. 
    • Medium Armor
      • Evasion
        • Elude: 
          • Reduced the duration of the Major Expedition granted from this ability by 2 seconds so it will now last between 5 to 7 seconds, rather than 7 to 9 seconds. 
          • The Major Expedition from this ability will now better respect its proc condition on what is considered a “Direct Area of Effect attack”. Note that many item sets that are thematically AoE DoTs may still trigger this effect, due to residual error data, and will be cleaned up in a future update when we shift our focus to auditing item sets. 

    • Soul Magic
      • Soul Trap
        • Soul Splitting Trap (morph):
          • This morph is now a “kiss-curse” option, which adds a powerful new effect at the cost of another. 
          • This morph now hits any enemy within an 8 meter radius of the original target, rather than up to 5 additional enemies in a 5 meter radius, but the damage per tick has been reduced by 33% to have this ability function more closely to an AoE DoT.

    • Fighter’s Guild
      • Circle of Protection: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs were getting the 15% Stamina cost reduction built into their base cost, as well as having the passive Intimidating Presence, which covers the 15% cost reduction element. The base cost of these abilities is now 4590. 

    Item Sets
    • Cruel Flurry (Maelstrom Duel Wield): 
      • Reduced the amount of Weapon and Spell Damage granted from this set to 1000 from 2003. 
      • The bonus Weapon and Spell Damage will now apply to any target-applied Damage over Time effect cast within 4 seconds of the bonus being applied, rather than being consumed on your next target-applied Damage over Time effect. This will result in less total power from the set, while being easier to engage with in a real-time combat with target swapping and movement. 
    • Dro’Zakar’s Claws: Reduced the Weapon Damage bonus per bleed effect to 133 from 200. 
    • Elemental Succession: 
      • Fixed an issue where the Shock and Fire bonuses would fail to apply when you dealt the proper damage. 
      • Increased the Spell Damage bonus granted to 550 from 500. 
      • Reduced the cooldown to 4 seconds from 8. 
    • Hollowfang Thirst: Reduced the Magicka return for this set to 3000 from 3470. 
    • Maarselok: This item set now applies a Damage over Time effect for 4 seconds that begins dealing damage after 1 second of being applied, in order to help reduce the burst damage potential of this set. Note that since this is now a negative effect, it will empower itself and can no longer be blocked.
    • Martial Knowledge: 
      • This set will now trigger when you Light Attack an enemy while you are below 50% Stamina, down from 75%. 
      • The enemy now takes 8% additional damage for 5 seconds with an 8 second cooldown, rather than taking 10% additional damage for 4 seconds with a 6 second cooldown. 
    • Necropotence: Fixed an issue where the bonus from this set was not applying its Magicka gained to Necromantic pets. Now you can properly Necro on your Necro. 
    • Overwhelming Surge:
      • Reduced the radius of this set to 8 meters from 12. 
      • Fixed an issue where you would fail to get Magicka restored if you hit a target with a Damage Shield active.
    • Phoenix:
      • Increased the damage shield granted by this set to 25000 from 20000.
      • Decreased the damage dealt to 8000 from 12500.
    • Trinimac’s Valor: This item set now has a proper telegraph to display where it is landing.
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