Ardicer Gaming

Has anyone seen Ardicer from Ardicer Gaming? The guy hasn't uploaded a video to his YouTube channel in a really long time. Last I heard is that he sold his house and pursued his dream of becoming a dairy farmer in Angola...
Does anyone know where he's at or what he's doing nowadays?
Cp 1490
Khajiit Night blade Healer(BiS for cuteness)-Flawless Conquerer Grand Overlord
Khajiit Stamsorc Werewolf, Flawless Conquerer (1st attempt ww form during the entire dungeon) main
Khajiit(Master Race) Templar Healer, Flawless Conquerer
Khajiit Stam dk, Flawless conquerer, 2nd attempt
Werewolf Veteran player, Since Wrathstone-DLC "Raid-Wolf", 50k dps with fracture, Pvp Healer.
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