Crafting gear

Soul Shriven
Would anyone mind to craft me a hundings rage heavy chest piece with medium hundings boots and belt with any pvp trait all cp 160 please
  • nater6
    Soul Shriven
    I’m on Xbox gamertag iExxiled
  • bmnoble
    You would be better off asking in zone chat, than the forums.

    Best places to ask are usually the alliance capitals, most crafters are happy to provide training gear for free but for CP160 stuff most will require you to provide the mats or gold.

    As for PVP trait you should always ask for Impenetrable, to give you crit resistance.

    As for what crafted sets to use for PVP can't really offer much advice but with most using Impenetrable gear or the Impregnable armor set the crit bonuses of Hundings might not be much help in end game PVP.
  • FlopsyPrince
    Find a good guild too. Many are more than willing to help with things like this.
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