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Never getting my ESO Plus Crowns???

Why does it take several weeks for my ESO Plus Crowns to be given to me? I pay for me monthly subscription on the 3rd of every month and even as I type this I still haven't gotten my Crowns for the month. Did anyone else have this problem? I send a support ticket everyday and it's always the same automated system response. Log in and out, it can take up to 72 hours after purchase and to check to make sure the payment was actually made. Well I still have my craft bag, and everything else that comes with ESO Plus. My bank account verified me that the payment was made. So ZeniMax tell me what your damn excuse is here? I'm seriously thinking of selling legal action. This has been going on for months now. It is highly unethical to pay for a service and the company not provide said service once payment had been received.
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  • Saelent
    You’re kind of misleading with your title and then your first line, are you saying it takes weeks or are you saying that you don’t get the crowns at all?

    Legal action for a late result is a bit different to legal action for no result at all.
  • sudaki_eso
    OT: You pay monthly? May i ask why not for 3 or 6 or even 12 month in advance? You will get the crowns immediately and save quite some money...Oh and write a ticket, the forum cant help you.
    PS4 EU - StamDK
  • Jayne_Doe
    What platform are you on? On XB, this has been on ongoing issue for many players. I'm on XB and fell victim to it a couple years ago for several months in a row. I had all my ESO+ perks except the Crowns never were added to my account.

    What I did was to submit a support ticket, which apparently you have done. But, instead of continuing to submit tickets, as it appears you are doing, you should REPLY to the canned response you get, outlining again that your account has been debited for the month but you haven't received your crowns, and supplying any necessary screenshots, and keep replying to that ticket until it's escalated and you get a human response.

    Also, now that we can sub for 3, 6, and 12 months, I've switched over to 12 month, saving me some money. Initially, I was still getting my crowns monthly, but a couple months ago, I got the remaining balance for my year's sub. So, you can save yourself some money and monthly headaches if you were to switch to one of the other plans.

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