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Tavern Night! ((NA-Xbox))

in your travels you come across an open letter addressed to a Proctor Finemo, taking a peak at it (it is just laying open for anyone to read after all) it reads:

Well Met Proctor Finemo ,

I thank you for your hospitality & extend one of my own. Join the Black-Thorne Society at Loose Tooth Lodge, Stonetooth Fortress in Betnikh, this Loredas the 27th for our "Tavern Night". It is a chance to sit back & relax after a hard week's work. So please, come out & join us for a night of merriment; good food, drink, & company! It is sure to ease the stresses of your current situation. Please feel free to bring guests. I hope to see you there!

May Fortune favor your steps,

~Nahla at Leki
Emissary, Cultural Affairs & Explorations
Vicecanon,the High Council of The Black-Thorne Society

now the question is, do you attend as a "guest" of this Proctor Finemo?

this is a monthly event we do as a guild & have decided to invite other role players to join us. Each month we visit a different tavern & gather to rp. We plan to meet this month at 8pm eastern time at Loose Tooth Lodge. If you like to RP or are curious about it, please come visit us! hope to see you there! :) any questions please visit our site at: Black-Thorne Society or contact WillowLilly07.

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"The ultimate purpose of Daedric Lords is to instruct and improve the generally deplorable character of mortals."
―Anonymous Hermaeus Mora Follower

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