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[PC-NA] Riften RP'ers is recruiting CP 160+! [End Game Veteran Content]

Can't get experience because you can't get into Guilds? Can't get into Guilds because you can't get experience? Want to do Veteran content in a friendly environment with people that'll actually teach you? Then Riften RP'ers is for you! The Guild was created and established by experienced individuals with all Vet HM content cleared. If you're a self-motivated individual looking to push yourself to become a better player, or you're an experienced player looking to Raid and do Dungeons with some cool, laid back people and have fun doing it, this is the Guild for you!

Things we want in Guild:

Patience: The main purpose of the Guild is to offer an opportunity to those who seek it. Not everyone has been taught the proper strategies to deal with certain situations. Not everyone knows the mechanics to every fight, or has the proper repetitions to have everything down as muscle memory. Not everyone knows the proper gear/CP set up, or class rotation to pull the best DPS, HPS, etc. Know that there will be times when you'll be in group with less experienced individuals who are looking to make better of themselves. Don't handle the situation with (passive) aggression. Make it through raid times/the run, support the members, and offer constructive feedback!

Initiative: If someone needs help, or advice with something, help them out! While we understand that everyone needs a break and just isn't up to doing certain content, everyone likes the opportunity to clear content with minimal struggle. The more help and support people receive, the more repetitions they get, the better a player they become. The better a player they become, the easier future content will be together.

We also ask that you please be a minimal level of CP 160. The main reason for this is because the max gear level is CP 160. When learning new content and obtaining gear in the process, there will be no need to re-farm that gear/trait all over again for yourself, or other players. At CP 160, the only real thing you'll need to do as a player is learn a proper rotation. CP will come naturally from just playing the game.

Thing we don't want in Guild:


The Guild uses Discord for Voice Chatting and various channels set in place for various situations. The Guild also has Raid Sign-Up and Voting Bots for Open and Weekly Raids. All Raid times are EST. If you Vote for a Raid, please make sure to show up for the Raid, even if what you voted for didn't make majority vote. We're here to work together and kick some butts!

Raid Times are Currently:

Friday: Open Raid (Whatever Majority Vote is, that's what we do) 9PM - 11PM EST

Saturday: Coffer Runs (All Trials on Norm for quick Weekly Coffers) 9PM - 11PM EST

Sunday: Weekly Raid (Whatever the Weekly is) 9PM - 11PM EST

Core Groups (Currently Full):

BBC (Big Boiz Club): Monday/Tuesday, 9PM - 11PM EST/8PM - 10PM EST

If you have any questions or interest, feel free to ask and shoot us an application in game! Have fun and see you in the Rift!
"And the Scrolls have foretold, of black wings in the cold,
That when brothers wage war come unfurled!
Alduin, Bane of Kings, ancient shadow unbound,
With a hunger to swallow the world!"
43k Achievement Point Club
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