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[PS4/NA} Join the Inquisition! Kloem's Inquisition is looking for you!

Soul Shriven
Kloem's Inquisition is a social/group PVE guild on the PS4/NA server. We started right after the console launch as a PvP guild and quickly grew and expanded.

Currently we are undergoing a rebirth like never seen before and we’d like you to be a part of it!

Our community is filled with many players who work, school and look to get in evening and weekend runs with guild mates instead of random strangers. It can be hard to balance work, life, family and still find time to spend playing ESO. Our mature guild base makes this process easier.

Are you looking into getting in endgame content? We have members who have completed the most difficult trial content in the game. We also have new players eager to learn from those who may join with Trial experience. This mixture of players combined with a positive respectful perspective makes trial runs an enjoyable experience no matter what the experience level.

We actively pursue Guild Traders and secure them when we can.
We help players in need run whatever content they need to progress.
We have guild meetings regularly that’s open to all so you can get your questions in directly.

Currently we’re making a big push to set up our veteran trials progression team. We are not expecting everyone to be ‘trials ready’ so this is a great chance to get in at the ground floor! Seek out kelvarjadewalker or in game or Discord for more information or an invite.

Requirements are a friendly respective attitude to all, ready to have fun. Discord is also required for trials.

There are a number of ways to get in:
Leave a reply here with your PSN name
You can find our guild on the PS4 guild application system.
Contact us directly in game (kloem, kelvarjadewaler, theAmick)
Discord : Once you join ask for a guild invite.

Thanks for reading!
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