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EHT FX - Mac and PC

A quick update on Essential Housing Tools FX for both Mac and PC...


A recent, mandatory graphics library change instituted by Apple was identified as the root cause of the recent issues that Mac has been experiencing with in-game 3D UI elements for add-ons including Essential Housing Tools. I have implemented a temporary workaround that should make your FX visible; however, the FX will temporarily be visible through all walls and other opaque objects. This should be temporary until a resolution for the underlying MacOS change is implemented.


If you are experiencing an issue on PC where your FX are visible through walls and other opaque objects, please do one of the following:

  • Change your Settings | Video | Display Mode to Windowed (Fullscreen) (see image below)
  • Click Apply


This may fix the issue outright with no other change necessary.

  1. Check your desktop resolution prior to launching the game by right-clicking the Desktop and choosing Display Settings
  2. Launch the game
  3. Change your Settings | Video | Display Mode to Fullscreen
  4. Change your Settings | Video | Resolution to match the Desktop's resolution
  5. Click Apply



Either of the above methods should resolve the issue but, if you find that neither does, please do let me know. <3
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