streak bug (aka thanks for another sorcnerf)

when playing in Cyrodiil (PC/EU), streak is heavily bugged, freezing the game for full 3 seconds on every second to third cast. It does NOT matter on what terrain you are (you are freezing on flat ground as much as on uphill or downhill terrain), it does NOT matter whether you are in combat or not, it does NOT matter whether you use any specific sets or other skills.

If you play a magsorc in Cyrodiil and you streak, your game stops working on every 2nd to 3rd cast. GUARANTEED. All you can do during that freeze is contemplating ZOS' hate for sorcs while any enemy player will whack at you with whatever he has available. You cannot even ALT f4 (aka ragequit).


Give us working skills.
  • Vermethys
    Yup, got me killed once or twice on my StamSorc. Though I haven't experienced this that much since I can't afford to Streak a lot with my ~11k Magicka.
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  • Thunderclap
    yes, but it not olny streak. Its happen also for my Stam DK when I using Critcal Rush. It doesn't happen the first time I use it, but as soon as I use skill 2-3 in a row, because someone runs away from me, the char freezes for few seconds.
    That smells like another bug in the core code. :/
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