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Vampire - Mist Form?

PvE Dungeons (Tank with Vampire skill line)

While in Vampire mist form does it help to hold block?

Do other forms of mitigation stack with mist form?

Example: Barrier ultimate + Mist Form + holding block + Ironblood armor set proc + etc. = ???

In Vet Depths of Malatar - the first boss (big Hunger monster) lays down multiple AoE which are quite powerful and then he spews vomit --- sometimes it can be tricky to get out of so much AoE without dodge rolling into other group members (who tend to get too close to the action).

  • Diundriel
    block and mist form; made my day xD
    block cancels mist^^
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  • Rev Rielle
    Rev Rielle
    It's not precisely relevant to what you asked, but if you are looking for more information on blocking and mitigation in general there is a very good thread by paulsimonps that can help explain the fundamentals: Damge Mitigation: Explanation
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