What determines bg revive timer?

Sometimes I revives after 19 sec, some times 3 sec, what determines the revive timer?
Thanks in advance
Pc na

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  • ChunkyCat
    A somewhat complicated algorithm determines how long it should be before you can get back in the game.

    In a nutshell, if you do a certain amount of damage, the game will say “whoa whoa whoa, slow down the DPS there, tiger.” Then you will have a longer res timer. However, on the third Tuesday of every second month, the algorithm takes into account how much damage you’ve taken and says “daaaayyyyumm, you just got super wrecked!” Then the game wants you to take a few extra seconds to re-evaluate your life choices, so your res timer is longer.

    So yeah, it’s a somewhat complicated algorithm.
  • Cathexis
    I've also heard the algorithm takes into consideration how much lead paint you eat during a solar eclipse, if that solar eclipse falls on a Wednesday in August, on only the third leap year every four leap years.
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