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· [COMPLETE] PC/Mac: NA and EU megaservers for patch maintenance – August 23,  4:00AM EDT (8:00 UTC) - 8:00AM EDT (12:00 UTC)


It's been going on for nearly a YEAR now - and STILL when you have a 2 handed weapon and put in the first execution of the game you BLUE SCREEN!!! Geeeeeez!! Zenimax when are you going to sort this out? I've been complaining for over a year about this now - and STILL no-one has addressed it, STILL no-one answers your tickets on this (in fact, no-one ever responds to my tickets at all anymore... it's like banging your head against a brick wall.... ).

The customer service is shocking. SHOCKING. So much so that I'm going to the Better Business Bureau to lodge a formal complaint.

I have 15 minutes cooldown to queue after each occurrence of this - and since it happens EVERY TIME - I have a lot of time to fill in forms and stuff.

Basically the ONLY fix for this, is killing yourself instantly in a Battleground... Zenimax promoting suicide as a workaround?? crazy.
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