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Looking for advice on not getting burned out during grouping events

From today's patch notes, it looks like the Imperial City event will demand group activities for every ticket. Not sure if it's a two-week event, I'm guessing it might be, but even if it's just one week, that's an entire week where I will have to do group activities every single evening. That's kinda rough even if I don't have to go through the group finder, that's a lot of forced social time. Of the activities they've listed (ICP or WGT, killing a sewer boss, or Molag Bal) which is the quickest and easiest to get through, and which would lend itself best to "phoning it in" if I've had a really long day and I'm exhausted and not the best company for other humans? I don't want to get burned out on this thing, I'm kind of committed to finishing my indrik collection.
  • VaranisArano
    I'm going to run normal WGT on my tank. Its a quick queue for a tank, reasonably quick dungeon as long as everyone knows the mechanics, and pretty easy to explain if the group doesnt know the mechanics.

    I like Imperial City well enough, but I don't want to wait on boss spawns or potentially get frustrated duking it out at the Molag Bal boss when it comes to getting tickets.
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