Some questions about Coldharbour Surreal Estate.

Been wanting a "trophy house" for a while.

How do people find decorating this house? It's a lot cheaper in Gold than other notable homes so I'm quite persuaded by it. With that said, I want to ask if people are able to decorate it well?

My plan is to pretty much make a myriad of furniture from across all Tamriel, both from achievements and generic. The fact it is in Coldharbour, a place that has bits of all Tamriel sucked into it... Much easier to make mixed furniture work.

Would I be correct in thinking it's a full 350/700 slot house? That's important as I also want to put my favourite mounts & pets there.

On a side note I'm not so worried about making a custom roof structure, because as we all know, it never rains in Coldharbour. With that said I think it'll be fun making living areas to accommodate all my characters.
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