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WOODWORKED: Custom ESO Collectible Box with Alliance Candles

Got the decals and labels printed at my work. The candle scents are Ebonheart Vanilla, Aldmeri Citrus, and Daggerfall Peach. I plan on stuffing this box full of various collectibles and do-dads including maps and my Elder Scrolls Anthology disc collection.
Enjoy the pictures!
  • Absentia
    Awesome work!
  • ShadowCrosserX
    Soul Shriven
    This looks incredible! Fantastic job you did on all this! I especially love the aged look. <3
    "The Daedric Prince of Order. Or biscuits... No. Order. And not in a good way. Bleak. Colorless. Dead. Boring, boring, boring." - Sheogorath
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