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SPOILER ALERT - Elsweyr final fight thoughts

I will try not to say any blatant spoilers but I was impressed with the final fight in the Elsweyr story line. I thought it was a cooler and more challenging fight than the Molag fight of the main storyline. Granted, it wasn’t super hard but when I saw that health bar I was like What??? Luckily there is the “synergy/mechanic” to bypass some of that health but at first, I thought I was gonna be there for a long time!

I just wanted to say that I appreciated that fight more than some of the other main boss fights. It felt like I actually had to try a little and I actually had the possible chance of dying. One of the ads at the end, I didn’t see it spawn and he actually got my health down to less than 50%. First time ever I thought I might actually die to a PVE boss fight in ESO.
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